I am What I Eat in My Window Seat

“If a sudden jar can cause me to speak an impatient, unloving word, then I know nothing of Calvary’s love, for a cup brimful of sweet water cannot spill even one drop of bitter water, however suddenly jolted.”

by  Amy Carmichael


Huddled over a hot cup of coffee I stare out the window and sigh.  The children took turns in the rocker last night, each struggling to sleep through the cough we so generously passed from person to person.   I blink the sleep from my eyes, stretch out my feet and lean back on the pillows propped up in the window seat, to nestle in with a good book on my favorite perch. 

It’s a huge north east facing window that I gravitate to each morning, often hoping to get a few minutes to enjoy the sunrise and listen to nothing in particular before the kids get out of bed.  There is a stack of books on the sill including my Bible, a memory verse spiral and my journal.  I try rubbing the tension from my neck as I fumble for a good book, accidentally pushing the stack on the floor.  Crash!   

“Just swell!” I grumble aloud and grab the real life crime drama I have been reading. 

Drama, crime, intrigue… much better than any of the other options, I surmise silently. 

Just as I begin to settle in the rumble of little feet begins.  First two pairs then a third and the screaming commences,  “Don’t touch my car!”

“Dat MINES!”

“IS NOT!!”

“Dat MINES!” 

A shrill squeal and I know the fourth is awake.

Bringing my knees to my chest I prop my book on my legs and try to appear invisible in the corner of the kitchen nook, with my nose in the text.  No luck, the minute the boys stumble down from their loft they demand to know what’s for breakfast.  They can get their own cereal but the squeal of little Pee Wee from the confines of her crib is increasing since the disappearance of her brothers.

Slamming my ‘good book’ down I huff, “So much for peace and quiet!”

Sound familiar?  Many of my days go on like this often each minute that ticks by increases the tension.  It seems no matter how early I wake up or how late I stay up the things that I plan to get done stay piled up and I dive further and further into that little pool of self pity.

memory verse spiralA very small but meaningful success I have had lately is in starting  a memory verse spiral.  When all I’ve got is three minutes while the coffee brews I can still “seek first the Kingdom of God,” giving me the strength to face the day and patience to survive the many blunders of motherhood.

For weeks I read the same verse.  I write it, decorate it and then read it over and over.  I have a large art spiral with blank white pages and it sits on that same window sill that houses a slew of other books but when I reach for that spiral first, if I have extra time I often find myself back in God’s word searching for the next memory verse candidate or reading about the many adventures of God’s knucklehead followers.

Ever heard the expression, “you are what you eat?”  Amy Carmichael’s quote reminds me that the word of God is the bread of life. I know, grumble, grumble!  God’s word is also living and active.  When I’m in the word I’m in the game and that little pool of self pity I mentioned drains away leaving only the water of life!

Need drama, intrigue and suspense? 

Ever read about the harlot who saved her family from ruin by hiding enemy spies in her home and smuggling them out of a fortified city under the noses of the many guards?

How about the woman whose lover was a mighty politician who snuck her into his quarters while her husband was doing service for the nation.  The woman conceived from that one night stand and couldn’t bear to tell her husband. Instead her lover had her husband killed in battle and married her.  And that’s just the beginning of the story.

Both of these women are in the lineage of Christ!  Do you know who they are?

Put down your good book and reach for the good book, you won’t be disappointed.

This weeks In Other Words Meme hosted at Miriam Pauline’s Monologue.  Visit the other entries to be encouraged and challenged.



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13 responses to “I am What I Eat in My Window Seat

  1. Rahab and Bathsheeba! I have been feeling the same way – that I need to fill myself up with scripture before of feast on other non-nutritive books. I have been re-reading Genesis and am once again shocked at the actions of the people God calls his own. But it reminds me that I am no less removed from Him by my sin than they were. My sins are just tucked inside as attitudes or dressed up to look acceptable.
    Thanks for the reminder

  2. thelumberjackswife

    What an excellent post! And what a great idea-the scripture journal! I often feel discouraged that I do not have tons of uninterrupted time to spend reading my Bible. But, God speaks to me and uses even my tiny bits of time. Thank you for your thoughts and ideas.
    The women are Rahab and Bathsheeba-the Bible is fascinating, isn’t it?! I love the whole story of the life of Jacob.

  3. Love your journal! I know all too well trying to capture a few minutes before the chaos ensues–and if I choose to give those few minutes to Bible Study or scripture practice the day goes much more smoothly. Thank you for joining the IOW conversation today!

  4. “Ever heard the expression, ‘you are what you eat?’ Amy Carmichael’s quote reminds me that the word of God is the bread of life.” I needed to hear that. Thank you.

    I love that memorizing Scripture is such a priority for you! It is for me too. Yet, my enthusiasm ebbs and flows, often while I am searching for that next “Scripture candidate.” Thanks for joining us this week!

  5. So glad you have joined in on IOW…I enjoyed your post. And I love your scripture spiral…what a neat idea! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Rahab and Bathsheeba of course! I’m so glad you joined us for IOWT. I loved your honest writing and insights.

    Thank you for sharing with us today.


  7. Shari Hayman

    Im stealing the sentence “When I’m in the Word I’m in the game and the pool of self pity drains away leaving only the water of life”. Going to share that with my FB friends. So many of them are not christians and I feel for them. They have no peace or comforter. Their problems are much like mine, but devatating to them because they do not have Jesus. I pray for the day they come to know him and can find that ultimate peace.

  8. Shari Hayman

    Whats up with the posting time? I posted that comment at noon on the 20th. Weird!! :::)))

  9. Thanks ladies! I’m so glad you found some encouragement today! I can’t wait to get to know each of you and learn more about your lives and families.
    You guys are good, it is Rahab and Bathsheeba of course. My husband didnt’ get the second one, such a man! 😉
    Shari- I need to check it might be a setting on my blog, will look into it!
    Denise- I used to (as in last month-haha) struggle with that priority. It was scripture that I knew I needed in my head but I couldn’t get my little kiddo’s to line up with that! I love the spiral because I can flip it open and see it while I work, feed kids, get ready for the day etc. It really helps now I’m craving more. I just love it!

  10. Okay Shari, I fixed the time so you won’t be wierded out! 😉

  11. A spiral bound for memorizing verses, how fun! What a great idea! 😉 Congrats on the new blog.

  12. Ah, the GOOD book will help us. Yep. Thanks for the reminder to seek first the kingdom of God.

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