Winter Woes ALREADY?

I wish I could be a turtle with a sound proof shell!  Morning comes too soon these days and without the sun to greet me I have a hard time getting the blood flowing.

I love the changing of  seasons but this time of year in the North always gets me down.  For whatever reason I just can’t shake the gloom.

Coffee is a must, music helps, lights help, large doses of Vit. D really help but beyond that I’m stuck!  When morning comes and it is dark and cold but the kids are rearing to go I just want to yank my pillow over my head like a turtle in a shell and hide until some other time.  Maybe one day in the winter when the snow is sparkling and the sun is shining.

Some of you might not understand this at all but if you get what I’m dealing with, HELP! What do you do to beat the woes?



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5 responses to “Winter Woes ALREADY?

  1. thelumberjackswife

    I try and do one thing that will help my mood. For example: if I have the “My house is soooo messy” blues, and the kids are just acting too crazy for me to get anything done, I pick out one thing that is really bugging me, for example, handprints on the bathroom walls. I wash them off and feel better. The rest of the house is a disaster, but when I walk into the bathroom, I am happy and admiring my clean walls. Or, if I have the “I am so chubby today” woes, I try and exercise. Even if it is a quick 10 minute walk. I don’t know. I guess doing one small thing to help change my mood helps me.
    Make sense?
    Your blog is so fun, Jessie! Lots of neat stuff to look forward to everyday. I really enjoyed your drawings the other day.

  2. I’m smiling just reading your comment! You are so right. I was having the “my house is soooo messy” blues and I swept. Whew, its a small thing but I feel way better.

    Thanks for the compliment too! The blog has become one of my “woe busters” it helps me not to feel so alone. A surprising benefit to my reluctant (at first) blogging endeavor.

  3. It drives my husband crazy but I turn on every light I can in whatever room I am in! It does help a little, Good music definitely helps, and like Taylor said – just pick one small thing you can do. It will help you feel like you have been productive. Of course, I love to write a to-do list so that I can check things off – makes me feel so
    I enjoy your blog – we missed you at the lunch last weekend!

  4. purplemoose

    Yup, a clean house helps me too! candles, nice music. This past fall I realized that I need to just ignore the electric bill and turn on the LIGHTS!

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