Ribbon Renegade

Fab as in Fu-get ABout it!

Fab in the “Fabulous I’m getting another cup of coffee before I tie myself to a rocket headed for the moon” kind of Friday.  Is anyone out there that can relate?

Last week I got the fun started with Bubba and a permanent marker.

The Lumberjack’s Wife offered her wisdom on toast and toddlers.

This week my little Pee Wee will kick things off with a girlie addition.

Hmmm.  When you get the feeling that it is too quiet in the house you are probably right. Insert blues riff and continue…

I’m a ribbon renagade.

Yeah that’s what I am.

I’m a ribbon renagade.

Please don’t tell my Mam.

For she thinks I’m sweet as my nanna’s pupkin pie, if she find out she might cry.

I’m a ribbon renagade.

Mom’s busy makin lemonade.

At least when my little girl makes messes it has been less likely to include bodily functions, food or permanently altering something inportant like her face or grandma’s table!s

Honestly Mom, where DID you get all these ribbons? I’ve never knokw such bliss!


She is already getting the hang of it.  Did I mention this girl has not one, not two but three big brothers!

Wow this beautifying process really takes some thought.

I can’t get over those chubby wrists.  Only months ago she was a featherweight and I was worried about how small she was.  Yea for chub!

Mom, can we do this again I’m having such a blast and for some reason my brothers are not stealing my toys from me this time. 

If you would like to join in on Fu-get ABout it Friday’s put your link in the comments below and I will add you to my next F.A.B. Friday post.  Read the first F.A.B. Friday post here.



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5 responses to “Ribbon Renegade

  1. Do Mom jeans count as a Fu-get ABout it thing? I would sure like to forget about them!!


  2. By the way – love the pics in this post. Your daughter is an absolute doll!

  3. Awww, she’s such a girl! My own little girl loved shoes even at age two which was strange to me because her three older brothers could care less about shoes, clothes, etc.

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