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I’m an anti-blogging, mom of five, living the redneck life on a small Idaho farm. God gave me the gift of creative story telling and a passion for life.

Check out some of the posts in the following categories…

Long and Short of It:    Stories and Bible study. I love the Lord with all my heart soul and mind.

Motherhood Uncensored:  Raising four boys and one redneck Tinkerbell.

Craft/Art Coral: Mixed media art, paint, crayons, collage, crochet, fabric creations and more for kids and adults from a home school mom.

Farm Friends: From my big ol’ draft horse to chicken bums.

Journey to Publication: Ideas, resources, becoming an author.

My current novel in progress:
co-authored by my husband Matt

National talk show host, Clark Jacobson seeks to expose the Egyptian politician whose life work is planting “churches” designed to bring the three monotheistic religions (Islam, Judaism and Christianity) under one roof. When the Egyptian senator announces he will run for US President and his exotic secretary allegedly accuses Clark of being Islamophobic and Anti-American, the struggle gets even more personal.

A redemption story inspired by the biblical account of Joseph

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Purpose, Passion, Strength!

“Like a shot of vitamin J”



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32 responses to “Faith-Family-Fun & Fiction

  1. I found your link after you left a comment at Forensic and Faith. I enjoyed dropping by today. I can answer yes to your list on the sidebar! Love your thoughts on Jesus. Very encouraging. Thanks!

  2. Hi Jessie,

    Hello from a sister in Christ. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am going to forward your blog to one of my friends who has been recently diagnosed with celiac disease, I am sure it will be very helpful to her. I look forward to reading more also.


  3. I wanted to thank you for the comments! You look familiar too…maybe because we go to Real Life too. I went to school w/Tim Nagle and we sang together in the Troubadors. They’re a great couple…very silly :). Anyway, your blog is very interesting and I plan on reading more when I get a chance.

  4. I’m glad you are enjoying the blog change. I keep an eye on this one in my reader. I didn’t realize you that you live in Idaho. My husband grew up in northern Idaho near Kellogg. Both his parents are gone now, so we haven’t been in a while, but my boys have very fond memories of Idaho.

  5. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on our little grandson playing in the goldfish pond. Oh how we all need to lay down beside still waters and let the Lord minister peace to our soul!!

    My passion is encouraging women, especially MOMS, in the fine art of Christian mothering. I blog every day to encourage and inspire moms. I also host an online Bible study-this one is on Ephesians called High Stepping in Heavenly Places. Click over and check it out.

    Blessings with all your bloggy endeavors.


  6. Hey, I just saw your comment of Ree’s site. I am her old internet friend. I am not 40 yet and have been on DSL the whole time I have “known” her. So maybe she just meant I have been around a while, like a good ole sweater you have had forever, but is still hip. haha

    Glad I found your blog. You are a wonderful encourager.
    The Park Wife

  7. Thanks for commenting on my post about my Bible study on Ephesians.

    I entitled my study on Ephesians “High Stepping in Heavenly Places” because I wanted to teach MOMS how to walk by faith and “look good while doing it.” Of course it takes more than a great pair of shoes!

    I can tell from your blog you are a busy lady but if you can join in our online study, we would love to have you. You can download the study notes, watch the DVDs, download podcasts, and interact online with other moms. There is no charge for any of this. If you would like to purchase the workbook go to my website at and we will get it off to you.

    In January we will be offering “Run Well. Finish Strong” which is a study on 2 Timothy about how to live out a life of faith. It will be offered in the same way with DVDs, study notes, and a workbook if you want to purchase it. We would love to have you join in.

    I have been teaching MOMS for 20 years and began to write and publish my studies to reach moms outside my church. This fall we began to offer the studies online as well. So came and study with us if you can. Blessings.

  8. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! You’re in Idaho? We just met a family who moved here to Hawaii from Idaho for school. I secretly want to live on a farm so I’ll be back here frequently. Beautiful family.

  9. I came looking for your meme entry and scrolled down. I saw the moose head adorned with children and scrolled up — then I started searching …

    I was born and raised in CdA. Several members of my family still live there. Hi! Nice to meet you!

  10. Quilly sent me over and I’m glad she did!
    You have a very nice blog here and I’ll be sure to stop by often…

  11. A great passion…

    A very great God to stoke the fires along those lines.

    Thanks for stopping by the blog. Blessings and peace to you as you unfold the beginning of a brand New Year. It looks as if your plate is very full, as is mine.


  12. Jen

    I just found your blog and found your family adorable! I love your writing too!
    God bless,

  13. I love the picture of you in the dunce cap. Would be very interested in the story behind it. 🙂

    Love the names of your Thinglets. Adorable little Thinglets they are.

    Thanks for leaving me a comment when you picked up a Scripture Tag. It made me smile!

  14. Hi, Jess. Thanks for stopping in at Seekerville yesterday. What a great blog this is. I love it.
    I’ve only read a couple of posts but I’ll keep hunting.


  15. I love your blog and have chosen you for an award! Come visit me at to claim your award!

  16. Thanks for stopping by via 5MFM… Nice to “meet” you. Love your pics in the last couple posts. Your family is beautiful – no doubt the next one will be here sooner than you can blink.

  17. I do homeschool! (answering from my blog) I have a 4th grader, 9th and 11th! I’ve done it forever and I love it!!!

  18. Hi Jess. Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday and leaving a comment. It’s always nice to connect with a fellow writer and mom (although my little ones are grown with little ones of their own now). 🙂 Your blog has lots of topics to explore. I’ll be back.

    • I’m so glad you posted the writers March madness. Thank YOU. And I should say, you have great taste in blog designs. I looked at that very theme that you have. The only reason I decided against it is all my pictures. 🙂

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