Falling for Fall

Truth of the matter is I’ve already fallen for fall. Ever since I was a little girl it has been my favorite season.  Crisp cool nights, changing leaves and in North Idaho the most beautiful landscapes.  Most people stay indoors during this time of year fearing the impending cold which makes it even nicer for the die-hard locals to get out and enjoy God’s creation without the hordes of tourists.  I though I’d share a little bit of the wonder with you. 

last oak

The last Oak!  What a spectacle she makes.  The Oak tree is the last to disrobe, often hanging on to most of her leaves even after the color has gone.  The gray vestages will remain, clinging on until Spring when a brand new veil replaces them.  She is a shy beauty!last oak

Darling little farm house in my neighborhood.  This home and barn have been here since the turn of the century.  old farm house

The family that homestead still lives in the area.



Of all the trees of the forest the Tamarack is my favorite.  It is a specimen that brings surprise and intrigue.  Technically part of the evergreen family, the Tamarack does not stay ever-green.  This time of year the needles turn orange and then yellow finally dropping off leaving a skeleton that appears dead. 

Can you spot them scattered across the mountain?   

Spring brings a surprise with the most brilliant shade of chlorophyll greentamarack

You might have spotted the apple tree in the picture above.  Here is a close up of the ancient sweets source.  This tree is most likely more than one hundred years old and is loaded with apples that will drop and feed the deer.apple tree and old fence

I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour.  What is your favorite time of year and why?  If you’d like write a post or upload your own pictures and leave the link.  I will gladly pop over to see your favorite season!



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5 responses to “Falling for Fall

  1. Elaina

    Such beautiful scenery! I’d love to live somewhere like that.

  2. thelumberjackswife

    I love the pictue you took while look up into the oak tree. The contrast of the red leaves against the gray branches was gorgeous! My favorite season is fall, too. Lovely post-you take really nice pictures!

  3. Hi Jess!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, thought I’d check yours out, too!

    First of all, your kids are SO adorable. Truly! I may steal your idea and paste my kids’ mug shots on the sidebar, makes for less explanations!

    I actually was thinking about seasons the other day because, I too, LOVE the colors of Fall and how it signifies another transition into the sleepier “dead” days of Winter, and my other favorite, Spring. I guess I love them all, except (don’t shoot me, peeps) Summer.

    I’ve never been all that into Summer. Maybe because I look so horrible in shorts!!! =)

  4. Oh, i love all the seasons. I love fall (& have been posting lots of pics, with lots of my verbose ranting in between). But i also love the sharpness of winter & the snow. And i love to watch the spring begin to bloom & blossom. And summer. 🙂

    Can’t choose a favorite tho i love fall. God just created wonder that follows wonder.

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