Happy Birthday Thing Two

I’m not even going to say it because it is the same every year for every mother. 


Okay, I said it.

Thing Two is six today at 11:33 AM

At six months old he had one little curl on top of his head.  Grammy thought he looked exactly like Kewpie doll.


b day2 thing 2

What a spit fire he was at two!

b-day thing 2

He is charming, sensitive and loves babies.  Most days I hear at least once, “Mom, Pee Wee is too cute I just have to pet her!  She makes me shake.” 

Thing 2’s Wolf Drawing

Also a talented artist who has been known to say, “Each day I draw too much.  At the end I don’t have something else to draw!”

The most serious and introspective of the bunch.

thing 2 statue sm

Happy 6th!



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12 responses to “Happy Birthday Thing Two

  1. thelumberjackswife

    I LOVE his curly hair! What a big boy he is now! Happy Birthday to Thing Two!

  2. Aric Hartley

    Happy Birthday Thing Two! We hope to see you before you turn 7!

  3. Rachel

    this is my first time reading your blog, as we are new “friends” lol! But let me say first, I love that you call him thing 2, and secondly, I agree with grandma! lol!

  4. He was a cutie, & still is! Hope he has a wonderful, special bd.

  5. Nice to meet you! What a great blog you have going on here. Thanks for stopping by 2nd Cup today.

  6. grammylynda

    He is more precious than words can say and I love him and his unique little character! Happy Birthday Buddy!

  7. Thanks for the birthday wishes and 1st time visitor hello’s!

  8. Aw, sweet! My darling little cousin-bear. I am so impressed with his skills…you know, nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills…

  9. Wow, you must be busy with 4. I just have one and one on the way. My little girl looks like she might be close in age to your little Pee Wee. About 11 months?

  10. Oh my he is sweet. Love his curly hair and beautiful eyes.

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