Help for Parents- Movie Questions

Kids in mind dot com:

I was just directed to this site that gives details of movies for parents. Find out exactly what “profanities” are in the movie, details of the types of violence and if there is sex or nudity.

This site even list name calling under “profanity” and gives each instance.

Explains where there is kissing or symbols of affection etc. under sex and nudity.

Great site for parents who want to be informed but can’t be everywhere at once!



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5 responses to “Help for Parents- Movie Questions

  1. thelumberjackswife

    Cool! Thanks!

  2. Aric Hartley

    I have been using this for a few months now and it rocks! Even if we still take the Kid-let to the movies we know what to be prepared for or to prepare him for. Its nice as we dont always have to wait for the movies to come out on DVD.

  3. purplemoose

    Nice!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. we’ve been using this for about a yr and a half give or take. we really like it a lot. it’s usually dead-on about things… but you have to be careful with older movies b/c their ratings were very loose. we learned that one quick!

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