Okay all.  Here we go. I’m stuck on a story I’m writing and I think you may be of some assistance.

Here is the scoop.  It is based on the true story of my ongoing testimony (learning to live with Christ at the wheel) and the part I’m stuck at is Bible college days. Yes I went to Bible college and I made a complete fool of myself.  Self serving, “out on my own” mentality….  I used to spend a lot of time at a friends bachelor pad with him, a roommate and the roommate’s girlfriend. She is the best thing I took from the experience. 

Back to where I’m stuck.  We used to debate a lot about non-salvation issues.  The dichotomy being- we were, Bible college students, STUCK on eschatology (study of end times) and etymology (study of word origins) but not really knowing the heart of Christ.  In my book I want to SHOW that, not TELL that but I can’t remember a specific conversation had. 😦  Here comes the fictional part.  Any ideas on an exchange between four college students about life, faith and the future while missing the point of Jesus? 

I’m not looking for an argument and will not “censor” your ideas.  I want to portray the struggle, the book will come around to the truth of Christ but at this point we are missing it!  Make sense?

Want a quick character sketch?

Guy #1 (Jimmee)- serious, less is more, live for today, dark and mysterious, allusive, about to become my boyfriend

Guy #2 (Tod)- abrasive, wiry, blunt, a kidder

The Girlfriend (Evie)- appearing tough outwardly, fighter, thoughtful, convicted but not yet convinced, faithful, peacemaker

Myself- clueless, selfish, “never wrong”, fighter, on Guy 1’s side at this point

ANY ideas?  This can be from your own experience or purely fictionalized I’m just trying to get some creative juices flowing and “going back” to a time of utter confusion is proving difficult.



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2 responses to “Stuck

  1. Aric Hartley

    I must say that those topics still confuse me – I know one of the bigger fights I have had in the past was over Pre-Mid-Post Tribulation stuff and also how could God leave people behind if it was Post Tribulation Rapture to go through such fear & pain from the AnitChrist. But I remember thinking later that everyone missed the point of using their gifts now to convince (aka SAVE) as many people now as they can.

    Hmmm perhaps you could also add in a character flaw for Tod of cocky. Also Evie was very insecure and tried to please Tod by agreeing with everything he said.

    I’ll try to come up with some more

    • 😉 Thanks for the inside scoop! Did you know that Evie means “full of life” I picked it for the meaning. I didn’t understand the fullness of life until going through difficult circumstances and coming out one good friend ahead without having done anything to deserve it!

      Didn’t I put cocky? Ha ha I was thinking that. Well you will get that in context. 🙂 Glad I wasn’t fabricating things too greatly.

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