Cousins Crew

I’m only just beginning to realize how much of an alliteration nut I am.  You guys probably have already noticed.  News to me.

We got to spend some time with my brother, his lovely wife and their two boys.  Here are some pics from our adventures.

They are saying “HI GRAMMY!”  We take what we can get, it’s dang hard to get six eyes on the camera let alone smiles.  The cousins are those two Hamsters in the middle.



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5 responses to “Cousins Crew

  1. thelumberjackswife

    Looks great! 6 kids is hard to photograph at once-we have tried it! My brother has 2 kids as well. Nice pictures!

  2. purplemoose

    Is that a . . . why, yes, I think it is a moose! Love it!

    Oh yeah, the kids are cute too. 🙂 I’m with you on how hard it is to get them all happy and looking the same way. Congrats!

    • Yes of course Mrs. Moose! 😉 Actually there is a book that the statues go with. A local author (and acquaintance of my mom) wrote the “We Sing” books. Recently she wrote one called Mudgy and Milly (I think). It is a scavenger hunt of sorts and goes along with those statues in the park! I will have to get the book and write a review! Maybe for my Birthday. Hint hint.

  3. Such sweet babies…
    Little PeeWee is going to have her hands full with all those boys!

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