A Christian Pirate

Now that’s different!

My thoughts exactly.

Yes, now I’m blogging about talking to myself.  Oh brother.

I was visiting the blogs participating in Random Dozen and I found this post at Mocha with Linda that I had missed.  A giveaway and a new set of books that I’m adding to my list.  Hopefully one will come in the mail 😉  if not I’m back to my local book store because a Christian Pirate is something I simply can’t pass up.

Head on over and get entered into the giveaway before it’s too late.  ARG!!



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One response to “A Christian Pirate

  1. Wow. I’m way behind in blog reading. But it was so fun to come & find your recent stories & pics. 🙂

    BB rarely gets snow before December, tho it gets pretty chilly (not as cold as where you are, our lows are about 13/14F & the highs in the 40s). It was fun to see the pics of your boys’ snowman & remember cold Montana Novembers & the snow.

    Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving.

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