Happy FAB Friday

It’s time to Fu-get About it!  Time for FAB Friday.

I’ve been busy playing Imaginiff and eating turkey.  My mom came through and rescued us from having a  hillbilly thanksgiving (see Tuesday’s post).  

Instead of writing a fancy post for this FAB Friday I decided to recap.  Visit each other, look around and say howdy (that’s leave a comment)! It’s been fun popping in on other mom blogs, now lets stay awhile and get to know each other.

These are some previous posts by participants in FAB Friday. ENJOY

Henny –  A heartwarming perspective on motherhood.  Hang in there friend!

Jaime Kubik – Laugh your way through another day!  Keep it up!

Jessie (that’s me) – Just another day in the life!

Momma Mindy – To do or not to do…bird poo in the vacuum, disappearing muffin pans, what’s a mom to do?

Taylor – Tricks of the trade.  Train up a child, or two or four and while mothering toddlers hang on for the ride!

If you’ve written a Fab Friday post for today feel free to link up below by clicking on Mister Linky “You’re Next”



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4 responses to “Happy FAB Friday

  1. Thank you so much for posting my blog, friend! I always love popping over here for a little laugh, a little family love, a little encouragement to my faith. Press on!

  2. Thank you also for including me in your post today. I have enjoyed your words and attitude in dealing with your life and family. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are just getting home after a wonderful time in Kansas with my family. I think I’ll be full for a week, however there is yet another Thanksgiving feast we will be attending tomorrow for my husband’s family. I guess I’ll just have to eat again!! (I do what I must! Ha!)

  3. thanks from me too 🙂

  4. I so enjoy all of you! Happy Thanksgiving, eat up. 🙂

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