Memory Verse

I want to share the scripture passage that I’m memorizing between now and the 15th of Dec.  I just love what Beth Moore shared about the image this verse conveys to her.  Check it out!  She talks about this particular verse toward the bottom of the post.

When I walk into the thick of trouble, keep me alive in the angry turmoil. With one hand strike my foes, With your other hand save me. Finish what you started in me, God. Your love is eternal—don’t quit on me now. Psalm 138:7-8, The Message.



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2 responses to “Memory Verse

  1. thelumberjackswife

    Love it! I am glad God’ s love is eternal.

  2. I very much enjoy The Message Bible. The words don’t have the poetic flow of some of the others, but it is down to earth and gritty, telling it like it is!

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