Name my Characters Anyone?

Would you like to help me name a couple characters?  These two women will need the same last name.  They reside on a remote cattle ranch in Northern Alberta Canada.  Present day.

EARLY 60’s Rancher’s Wife…

The woman of the house was such a jolly soul, I imagined she and Mrs. Clause would get along just fine.  Rosy cheeks, robust middle, salt and pepper hair.  She wore a cheery yellow apron with orange and brown sunflowers embroidered all along the hem.  Helping me remove my bundles of clothing she scooted me into a mismatched chair at her rustic farm table.  I rubbed my hand on the surface admiring the age and character of the piece.  My mother had raised me with an appreciation for antiques, otherwise known as rich folks worn out junk.  She called it rustic, some called it primitive, I called it home.

YOUNG 20’s newlywed, married to the son of the lady above:

Scott’s bride was tall and plain.  A simple beauty.  Clear skin, long straight tawny hair pulled into a low pony tail.  She wore a button up blouse and jeans.  Round toed leather boots peeked from under her pant legs.  Conservative, a hard working woman.  Carlin and I believed you could tell a person by the boots they wore.  In some cases that had to be amended to the shoes they wore but that was a whole different class.  I liked this girl already.



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10 responses to “Name my Characters Anyone?

  1. Have you tried using a names dictionary? Or possibly doing a search for names based on meaning? Maybe do some research into the era and location and find out what names were popular there.
    Naming characters that refuse to be named can be challenging but I don’t think people can name them for you. Best of luck finding the right name for these characters.

    • Thanks for your thoughts Cassandra! 🙂 These two characters have a minor roll in my novel. I do love searching based on meaning and that’s usually what I do. I just wanted to open up for fun an opportunity to contribute, especially on the last name. The hardest part about these gals are they are real people I once knew. Hard to part with the original name in an authors mind.

  2. Sam

    Names are fun. How about…Marsha and Bethany? I know some Northern Saskatchewan women by those names, and about the same generations.

  3. Sam

    I do something like Larson or Anderson. There are a lot of Swedes up there.

  4. How about Joan and Lauren Hockley?

  5. Aric Hartley

    Judy and Brittany Fairfield sounds good to me – they live on a northern Canadian ranch, and work at the camp I used to

  6. purplemoose

    Novel?! Sweet!! I used a baby name website to pick popular names from the time frame the characters were born. BUT that only works for the 1st name. Does their ethnic background give you any way to narrow down the last name?

  7. purplemoose

    Oh yeah, forgot to say that the hardest part of naming the characters in my novel was that I didn’t want to use a name of someone I already knew. Sarah or Diana or Melissa may not really like to read my novel and see their names in it, ya know what I mean? 😉

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