God With Us

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“If we could condense all the truths of Christmas into only three words, these would be the words: “God with us.” We tend to focus our attention at Christmas on the infancy of Christ. The greater truth of the holiday is His deity. More astonishing than a Baby in the manger is the truth that this promised Baby is the omnipotent Creator of the heavens and the earth!”

by ~ John F. MacArthur, Jr.

“From now on your name will be June.” The little girl with silky black hair stood still, arms in the air above her head while Mother slipped her into a new plaid dress.  Her little stomach rumbled.  I’m so hungry. She dared not speak it out loud, Mother would think she was ungrateful.

The woman smoothed June’s dress and set to work on a neat french braid tied with a matching red ribbon.  Red was the color of prosperity.

“Mother, where am I going?”

“Jiao-jie- June.  Don’t speak.”

Why are Mother’s eyes glistening?  Why do I have a new dress? June stared at her toes, little butterflies began to dance around in her stomach like the day she had left the orphanage to come live with this kind woman, Mother as the other children called her.  She knew something was about to happen and she didn’t like the little creatures upsetting her tummy, her security.  Since I left the orphanage I’ve been happy and safe.

She was glad she had been allowed to keep the handkerchief sized piece of fabric that was a scrap left of the blanket she had been wrapped in as an infant.  She’d been told she was found on the steps outside of a local hospital only hours old.  It didn’t matter, she was safe now.  Wasn’t she?  Thrusting her hand into her dress pocket she rubbed the thin fabric between her fingers, a shiver crept up her spine.  She remembered being so cold in her little cot at night in the brick building she lived at before.

That was before Mother took her in.  “Mother, when will I come back?”

“We cannot know when we will meet again be brave and grateful for the opportunity you have been given.   Now, no more questions.”  The old woman looked quickly away.  June heard a sob escape her lips.

“Mother?”  As she reached for the hem of the woman’s wool coat, her bottom lip began to quiver, a lump formed in her throat.  Something is not right!

Crack, crack, crack.  The sound of the knocker at the door split through the questions.

The woman, pulled herself away from the frightened child and rushed to the door quickly wiping the tears from her face.  Straightening she took a deep breath and opened the door as Jaio-jie looked on.  Her name meant pure and lovely.  I wonder what June means? A woman and man stood in the threshold.  “Come in, come in!”

June stared.

The woman with the wide smile carefully approached the stunned little girl and patted her warmly on the head.  “Beautiful child, beautiful June, I’ve waited for you.”  Then she cupped her chin and lifted June’s face until their eyes met.  She too had eyes like the puddles that the little boys liked to stomp.  June never stomped puddles, she rather liked the look of the glistening water.  Her hair was a color unfamiliar to June.  Such a strange looking woman, but pretty she thought.

June could see the man kneeling on one knee behind the shoulder of the pretty lady.  He looked so proud.  His hair was a similar strange color,  his eyes full of beauty.  Why do they look at me so?

“It’s time to go June.”  The old woman broke in, adjusting the little girls braid and buttoning up her jacket.  June happily reached for her hand but Mother pulled it away.  Placing her hand on June’s back she pushed her toward the door.  What’s happening? The butterflies lept and dove faster and faster.

As soon as they reached the door the man scooped her up gently and cradled her in his arms.  He felt warm and he smelled sweet like candy.  June was hardly ever warm and she never got to eat candy.  She looked over his shoulder and beckoned the old woman.  “Come on Mother.”

Mother didn’t come.  The hunched old woman propped herself up at the door jam with her left arm, right hand in a ball at her stomach.  The woman’s jaw was clenched.

June had seen that look when the children misbehaved.  Did I do something wrong? She began to sob.  “Mother, please I’m not a bad girl, please don’t be angry.”

The man held her snugly and stroked her hair, whispering something she could not understand into her ear.

“No, no take me back!”  She kicked and beat him with her little fists sobbing, screaming, “MOTHER!”

He placed her gently into a seat in his warm new car and buckled her in.  The little girl clawed and reached for the clasps but could not undo the lock.  Get me out, help! Her insides screamed as loudly as she did.  Heaving for air she wretched.  “NO!”


Oh how our Lord loves us. Oh how he wants to take us from our inadequate homes where hunger and uncertainty is commonplace, replace our rags with riches!

It is late, will you forgive me if I fail explain myself thoroughly.  Here goes.

This short story is inspired by the true story of a friend of mine picking up her adopted little girl in China.  Their precious little angel that they prayed for, saved for, loved before they even met didn’t understand why she had to leave the foster home she had become acustomed to.  My friend described it this way, “I’ve never seen a child so broken.”

The quote made me think of this story because we do the same thing in our relationship with Christ.  “Lord you seem nice, I like the comforts you represent, but please, please don’t take me away from what I know!”

If Christmas can be summed up “God with us” then in our hearts we must at least recognize that His purpose for us is far beyond what we can imagine.  We are like June, clinging to a life we know, not able to even imagine the life He offers.  Christ came to save all who are lost.  Many of us dont’ even know it yet.  If we cling to earthly posessions, expectations, plans we miss the greatest Joy; being at home in God’s Peace!

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12 responses to “God With Us

  1. Did you write this short story? It is exceptionally good! I was drawn in and had butterflies in my tummy, too!

    Your analogy was spot on, too. Sometimes our dysfunctions are too comfortable to release. God wants to free us, but we won’t let him.

  2. purplemoose

    Adoption is something very big on my heart. Beyond all the spiritual analogies, it’s something we’d like to do. Last week we were discussing (during school time) (me and the kids) how many people adopt girls from China and my oldest said we should do that, then go somewhere else to adopt two boys. That would be about the perfect family, don’t you think? 4 boys, 2 girls?

    The whole idea of “Emmanuel” or “God with us” is just amazing to me right now too. Going through tough times is very different now than it was 20 years ago.

  3. thelumberjackswife

    Beautiful story, Jess!

  4. Hi Jess – thanks for visiting my blog and your words of encouragement. I sometimes wonder if my honesty is a bit uncomfortable for some of our readers. I appreciate your kindness! Also, I of course LOVE your story (or do I actually HATE it because I remember our first trip to China . . . .) as we have two beautiful daughters from China and oldest daughter reacted exactly like your little June, but she is doing great now! In fact, as I type this our youngest is standing beside me drawing a picture ;o) Have a blessed holiday season as you celebrate the birth of our Eternal Savior! Nina @ mamas*little*treasures

    • Blessings to you as well! I tend to lean toward the honest side as well but if someone is automatically offended without asking questions I guess that’s just a shame. I don’t mean to offend anyone and writing a blog to me isn’t a one way conversation, though I know many treat it that way. I like the back and forth, even if it means someone has to take exception – in a kind way of course!

      I’m thrilled at your experience with you little angels!

  5. That was a really good story. Thanks so much for sharing it with us today, how appropriate!

  6. Wow; what an amazing story to emphasize this point. I also noticed that you are participating in eLisa’s Bringing Holy back to the Holiday. I am too and I’m loving it.


  7. Your story sucked me in, Jess. It’s a good illustration of how we try to avoid the greater good God offers. Nice work.

  8. I got tears reading your story of June! What a perfect way to illustrate our imperfect nature towards God. Wonderful message, Jess! After a story like that, I’m speechless (typeless?)

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