Women & Vehicle Maintenance

A thought came to me the other day as I was describing to a twenty something “kid” (haha) how to adjust the carburetor on his vehicle.  How many of my women friends could benefit from a crash course (no pun intended) in vehicle maintenance and possibly other more complicated repairs.

This year, my mom and a dear friend of mine have both found themselves in the position where the things their husbands once did are no longer possible.  In my mom’s case my dad is still able to do many things but is likely to loose that ability due to Alzheimer’s.  My friends husband had a stroke.  What would you do if your husband were not able to perform the menial tasks he takes responsibility for?

Vehicle maintenance is just one area where I believe women need to “get a little education”!  Plus, I think it’s fun to work on cars.  Crazy, I know.

Answer this poll then leave a comment with your vehicles year, make and model along with any other things you would like to know.  If there is enough interest I will write a series of DIY’s just for you, my bloggy and IRL friends.



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16 responses to “Women & Vehicle Maintenance

  1. IS IT REALLY TRUE that only 18% of responders pump their own gas???????? That is shocking to me. I wouldn’t even consider that in the “repair” category!!

    Granted, I can do virtually no car repair myself. My hubby is proficient, though, and at least I know what he’s TALKING about now, which is more than can be said for when we first got married. I have a fairly wide range of interests, but I knew NOTHING about cars (other than how to change a tire and pump gas) before I got married.

    • I don’t think the % is accurate. I’m wondering how the poll works now because it seems off.

      • Okay, I changed the setting so we can see results… but it appears Poll Daddy counts each click as a vote because it says 26 votes but there have only been 9 views. I’d be willing to bet that means either one person didn’t vote and all know how to pump gas or one person does not know. OR someone is being a stinker 😉

    • p.s. I thought of that question because one of the ladies I know my mother’s age didn’t know how to pump gas when she got married. Her dad always did it! Big awakening when her husband didn’t hold the same “standard” 🙂

  2. thelumberjackswife

    I did put that I can get my own gas, because I can, but I rarely do. My husband totally spoils me with that one.

    Jess-I will be shocked if you could repair my “rig”!! I have a 01 Ford Ecursion Diesel 1 ton.

    Good luck with that! 🙂

    You are amazing.

    • Haha! I didn’t say I’d fix it, but at the least I can help you know your way around! 😉 My truck is a Cevy 1 ton long bed with a Vortec 8cyl.- NOT working right now because the front end need replaced. I also have a Suburban and still have my highschool car 66 Mustang.

  3. I can drive a manual transmission, but I hate it! I have changed my own water pump and alternator, too. AND, learning all of the things on that list were required by my father before he let me test for my driver’s license.

  4. Yep I can do all that. You could also drop off your troubled car and I’m pretty sure I prob could tell you what is wrong with it. I was offered the mangers job at firestone in 1999:)
    I had to know these things in order to drive as well. I have taught my son the same and will my daughter who will be driving come winter break (Lord help me). I have drove many trucks from a tow truck to equiptment (I also worked or the State). I think many ladies “our” age do know much more then back in the day, when men did all that for woman.

    • Cool Sarah, ya my dad taught me a fair bit. Plus it’s all in a book right! I learn well by reading so I’ve done repairs that way. My husband laughs because I’m more mechanically inclined than he is. 🙂

      I think level of vehicle knowledge in women varies by state 😉

  5. LOL!! Like the last part 😉

  6. Aric Hartley

    I took some automotive courses in high school but these new cars with all their techno stuff are harder to fix than the old ones. I used to be able to do lots myself, now I have to take it in to get its ‘chip read’. I can still change the fan belt though!!!

  7. rhenda

    i don`t need to know how to fix my car cause i drive a honda accord. they are very reliable. if it were to break i would just get a new one. lol

  8. purplemoose

    I know how to change a tire, and the oil, but I’d rather not do it myself. And I prefer manual to automatic, but my van didn’t come that way. 😦

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