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Thanks to Toby Mac my oldest is now thinking of changing his look! 

I never knew he thougth of such things.  Sometimes, if I don’t catch it he even sleeps in his jeans. YIKES!  So when he got back from the Winter Wonderslam Tour this week with Dad and Thing Two I was surprised to hear his take on the concert.

“I loved it Mom and Toby Maxx (they have a cousin Maxx) did not look like I thought.”

“Oh yea?”

“Yeah mom, he had ORANGE hair!”  Thanks Toby!!!  “And Mom, I thought he was going to be American!”

“He wasn’t American?”  I know what Toby looks like but where is he going with this?

“Well, he was all black” 

YIKES!  My heart lept into my throat! am I raising a culturally insensitive son?

You know, like he had a black shirt thing like my cousins wear to church and black pants.  He was— well —a gentleman!” 

WHEW!!  My heart quit surging out of my chest.  I get it, a black outfit.

“So why wasn’t he American?”

“Well, what I mean is he was like… Californian or from Seattle I think.”

“Really, how do you know?”

“Well, he didn’t dress like us.  He dressed— nice, like I said.”

“Oh, I see.  How do ‘American’s’ dress?’

“I guess not American, I mean Idaho.”  He looks down at his jeans and t-shirt.  “Like this.”

I get where he is going with it.  As long as he doesn’t start begging me to dye his hair orange anytime soon I can handle the “Californian”  attire.



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8 responses to “Thanks Toby Mac – From the Mouth of Babes

  1. hahaha too cute!

    (I still have a hard time thinking of toby mac as anything other than a teenager trying to beatbox lol)

  2. That’s hilarious! Since I live near Seattle, too near, I can totally appreciate him not associating that city with the rest of America. He is extremely astute!

  3. I kind of like the white suit coat, white t-shirt & dark tie Toby Mac is wearing in his Facebook avatar. Dress your son like that and send him out to play in a nice Idaho field. 😉

  4. LOL! The “UnAmerican from California” here! (Way behind on blog reading.)

    But then most of the US doesn’t consider California part of the US. We are our own country! (But then i’ve long believed the Confederate States should have allowed to secede & have their own country & what followed, followed. Including a Californian Nation.)

    I do so enjoy hearing about your family life. 🙂

  5. (sister)Callie

    Oooo so does this mean Aunt callie gets to take [Thing One] shopping?

  6. purplemoose

    You know, my kids say “American” when they mean “Alaskan,” we have maps on the walls but still they forget the difference between state and country. It gets REALLY interesting when I try to talk about “central America” and “south America.” 🙂

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