Nightstand, books with pretty covers -December reads

I’m curious!  Do you read books more often by genre, author, topic, pretty cover?  How do you most often pick your books?Raising Rain

When I took a look at my nightstand I realized I do a combo when picking what to read next.  Often it starts with an author that I like or have had recommended.  Sometimes it’s about what genre I haven’t read recently (I like to mix it up) but occasionally a really great cover will trump all the rest.  That was the case with Dawn’s Prelude.  What a beautiful book.  I have a feeling Raising Rain by Debbie Fuller Thomas is going to lure me in on account of the beautiful cover as well.

Click on the book title links to read my full review.

Dawn's Prelude (Song of Alaska)Tracie Peterson – Dawn’s Prelude   was disappointing because again I lost a lot of sleep, it was that good!  I recommend this novel.  Surprising and full of hard questions about life and tragedy, the book is beautifully written.

Christian Fiction Suspense & MysteryBrandilyn Collins – Coral Moon:  I’m almost done with this novel, the 2nd in the Kanner Lake Series but since I’ve run out of batteries in my flashlight I’ve had to resort to reading only in the daylight, otherwise I would have been done by now.  Check out my tutorial “How to read a Brandilyn Collins Novel

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10 responses to “Nightstand, books with pretty covers -December reads

  1. thelumberjackswife

    I need to find more time to read . . . perhaps that will be my New Year’s Resolution.

  2. Hmm. It’s hard to know how I go about picking books. I don’t intentionally plan to read by genre but sometimes that’s how it happens. Then at other times I get on author kicks. It’s usually not by the cover, although that CAN catch my eye. It’s easy for me to dismiss things by cover too, so I have to be careful about that.

    Thanks for linking up! I enjoyed reading your list and thinking about your question.

    • I don’t usually read by “cover” but somehow these two drew me in 🙂 One thing I have to be careful of is getting on an author “kick” and then being critical because I’m “bored” it’s my own dumb fault for not giving them a small break!

  3. Dawn’s Prelude is on my Wishlist, so I’m glad to hear you liked it! 🙂

  4. Covers sometimes grab me, too. So does that mean that we do judge a book by its cover after all? {smile}

  5. Some of Brandilynn’s book I had to quit reading at night, they were too scary.

  6. I love that series by Brandilyn Collins. Her single titles are not quite as good to me. If I still had it I would reread it but I loaned it someone who quit company and never returned them. One day I will buy them again. lol 🙂

    • Ah man, that stinks about losing your books. Guess that’s one reason a Kindle is good. 🙂 I’ve been resisting the craze thinking there is nothing I would prefer about a cold plastic “book” that can’t be shared, smelled (haha) or stored on endless bookcases. I’ve always wanted a library.

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