That’s FAB-haha!

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s Friday.  Well I hadn’t.  Sadly Fab Friday will have to wait yet another week. Store up your Holiday “moments” and come back next Friday to share how you made lemonade out of lemons!



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5 responses to “That’s FAB-haha!

  1. pesky holidays mix up everything don’t they? heh

  2. I can hardly wait til next week. I have a GREAT cat pee story! Of course, by then, so many things will have gone wrong, I might have to have several Mr. Linky’s!

  3. I’m sorry guys I totally had Mom Brain! Momma Mindy link as many as you’d like! We’d love to read your insights 🙂 In fact, maybe you’d like to host it? I can share if that would be fun. We can rotate Friday’s if you all would like to participate by hosting. What do you think?

  4. Thanks for seeking me out and visiting my blog. I love kindred spirits!!!! Yes, let’s stay in touch and encourage one another. That will be fun. 🙂

    And I never knew I was a story-teller until I read your description in our sidebar. 🙂


    • I’m glad you came by! Yes, a story teller I am. I’ve been accused of telling the “long version” of everything. Isn’t that what writing is? Good story telling? Guess I’m following in my best friends footsteps. Jesus was a story teller too (parables)! Look at it that way and I bet your writing will come to life. 🙂

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