Do you Kindle?

I’m never been one to jump on band wagons. And I’m NEVER the first of my friends with the latest gadget. But lately the Kindle has peaked my interest. I have to admit when my husband asked if I’d like one for Christmas I poo-pooed the idea saying “It’s too expensive. Besides I like to hold a book, smell a book….” And on I went with a laundry list of reasons why I don’t want a Kindle.

Then came that day when I learned that not one but TWO of one of my favorite author’s books were available FREE on Kindle and I began to take back a few of my previous affenties to the electronic beast. Well who hates free? The only problem with that is now I feel bad not supporting my writer friends if I were to buy the device and only load free books. Can you say “cheap, cheap, cheap?”

The question remains. Do you Kindle? Should I Kindle? When are they going to have a Kindle library. THAT might be the clencher for me.

Even as I write it I have visions of my grand home library with hardwood floor, walls and walls of books, plush chairs, ornate lampstands, complete with one of those sliding ladders. Sigh! It’s imaginary people, remember I have kids! We operate on a teacher’s salary. Maybe I can load a virtual library on the screen of my Kindle and “flip” through titles on a touch screen like it’s a mini shelf.  Hmmm, ya think I would get anywhere with my ideas? Here’s wishin’ and here’s to reading- Kindle or not!



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19 responses to “Do you Kindle?

  1. my husband wants it. I do NOT. as much as I know I would enjoy it…. I’m concerned about the ramifications. I am concerned I would begin to feel the need for books to be “electric” and that I would no longer find sensory fulfillment from a real book – the smell, feel, colors, even the taste that you get in your mouth from the dusty old pages in older books.

    so I declined. I do not want it on principle. (but I do find it rather cool in theory.)

  2. p.s. amazon is great for used books 😉

  3. Buying both the books is cheaper than buying the Kindle. Do you have a guarantee that the books you want will always be free? And free when you want them?

    • Very true. But if the Kindle were a gift (free to me) and I didn’t give up paper books I could allegedly amass only free books on my “free” Kindle. But I’m just saying, I actually agree with YOU 🙂

  4. Sam

    How do you share books with a kindle? My favorite thing about reading a good book is sharing it with all my reader friends!

  5. thelumberjackswife

    I think you need real books 🙂 The Kindle might be cool, but who knows how many free ones you can get. My dad got a Kindle. I will let you know how he likes it . . . if he ever figures it out.

  6. I’m cheap too! One reason I don’t want the Kindle is because why should I PAY for books when I get the free! Okay, I may feel differently one day when I get published, but for now I have so many books to read on my shelf, it’ll be another five years before I’m ready for a kindle and maybe then…I’ll be ready and published!

  7. I love Kindles, although I don’t own one. I totally love the idea of basically any book I want at any time I want. However, I am on a dad gum cash system. How the heck do I sneak Kindle books into a tight budget? Because, really, I doubt that I can find enough free books to suit my needs….Although I think you can actually check books out from your local library which is how I currently read books.

    Wow! That was very long and rambling. Just like me!

  8. I’m curious about Kindle too. Being a frequent shopper on it has peaked my interest several times. I wonder, what will my grandchildren or great-grandchildren read someday…will they go to a regular library or will everyone own a Kindle by then and those good smelling pages fab books will only be something you hear about in antique stores?!

  9. Is a Kindle kind of like an iPod, only for books? Cause the problem I’ve had with music is that I bought all this stuff on iTunes and then my computer crashed and I lost a bunch of stuff. So if your Kindle crashed, would you lose all the books? Also, books = better – you can’t underline or write in the margins of a Kindle! I like the point about not being able to lend books out, too…

  10. Liz

    I’ve not seen one yet (only online) but I’m into paper products…which extends to books. So I don’t Kindle..but it sounds cool.
    But imagine a fire in the woodstove, sitting on the couch with your favorite warm beverage at your side, curled up with a blanket and your book. Now does that same scenario sound right holding a Kindle? I’m not sure! LOL!

  11. Thecoolestcousinever

    Okie dokie cousin:
    here are my thoughts….ever stare at a computer screen too long, then your eyes hurt….ever happen with a book?
    You leave a book in a restaurant…you’re only out a few bucks and the chance that you’ll be able to pick it up later, because, let’s face it, kids don’t steal books…
    Book falls off the counter….kindle falls off the counter….
    Bubba, pee wee, or heaven help us Mina gets book—scotch tape=fixed….kindle?
    Not ALL books are free on the kindle….know where they ARE free? Library (I’m just re-remembering this from being a kid)
    besides, how long till the kindle is updated then the one that’s been purchased now is outdated? Is there going to be technology lust with the urge to get the new one? Let’s face it…kindles are for people who ride segways to work….books are for the rest of us 🙂 love you J&Lu

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