Some more blog housekeeping

Bear with me as I move a couple more posts over. I am still, slowly working through the process of separating the food from the rest of my blog content.

Here is a glimpse of the real housekeeping that also went on today after taking down the tree! I completely rearranged my living room.

Here is our watch dog “Willamina” doing her job, watching the insides of her eyelids!

Come into my kitchen.

See the cross under the third tree?



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8 responses to “Some more blog housekeeping

  1. purplemoose

    I would LOVE to come for dinner. That would be sweet!

    I’m not familiar with the story of the 3 trees. Do you mind sharing it?

  2. thelumberjackswife

    Your house looks lovely! What is the three trees?

  3. I love your house and look forward to the story of the three trees 🙂

  4. Your home looks like the kind of home you jst walk in and feel – well at home. Love your style. Question. Looks like a rock fireplace where does the heat come out? didn’t see the opening.

    • Ah yes my fireplace. There is a stove in the basement. The rock wall wraps the chimney and radiates a great deal of warmth throughout the house. In a larger footprint (my house is quite small) I would place the chimney in the center of the house. In that way, one stove can heat a whole house with multiple levels.

      I wanted a mantel on the main level but couldn’t afford (or need) a second stove. This kept the chimney inside and gives me a spot to hang stockings!

  5. I’m so there! What cha cooking? And confess, does your livingroom look THAT good all the time. BTW, LOVE the color scheme! We are twins! I so want hubby to paint our walls, but we might be selling in a few years…guess I’ll have to live with beige for a while longer!!!

    • No WAY is it ever clean like that! It was sunny that day so I shook the rug and had the boys help me take down the tree during the little one’s naps. Then I said “QUICK, get a picture so I can remember!” 🙂

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