Five Random DVD’s for Kaye Dacus

 At Kaye Dacus’ blog (author of Menu for Romance, A Stand in Groom and more) she asked readers to pull out five random DVD’s from their shelves without looking! Here’s what I got.

Dan in Real Life – Funny story about this one. My husband and I and the midwife watched this while I was in labor with my littlest, Pee Wee. A little slow but heartwarming and funny. Great for having a baby. Haha, I bet you’ve never read that on a movie review before!

Antwone Fischer – I didn’t have a clue what this one was about or that we even had it until about a month ago. This is a moving story but at times quite graphic regarding the troubled past of Antwone, a Navy Petty Officer who is sent to a psychologist for his bad temper and disruptive behaviors. Definitely not for the kids but I think worth seeing.

A Knights Tale – A kick in the pants. Starring the late Heath Ledger.

Fun With Dick and Jane – Somehow I found this to be one of the funniest movies I’ve seen. Maybe it was the husband/wife banter or the series of events, that led this couple on a bank robbing escapade, that were far too close to home. But I laugh and laugh when I see this one. It’s funny in a somewhat terrifying kind of way. Does anyone know what I mean? Or am I just one step out of the loony bin myself?

The Legend of Zorro – All I’ve got to say is Antonio Banderas

The only reason this list is not Toy Story, Cars, Kung fu Panda and the like is because we have two separate CD cases one for the adults and one for the kids.

Go ahead, you know you want to join in the fun. What are your 5 random DVD’s ?



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3 responses to “Five Random DVD’s for Kaye Dacus

  1. I love A Knight’s Tale. Another very quotable movie—especially Paul Bettany’s lines!

  2. I don’t think i’ve seen any of the others, but i LOVE “A Knight’s Tale.” I think it is my favorite movie. 🙂

  3. I’m a bit jealous…I never got to watch a movie while in labor — had to have two c-sections! Never got to see my own uterous either, but my husband has…twice! (Too much info?!) Loved your movie reviews! Great!

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