Legend of the Three Trees

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Some of you were wondering what this mosaic on my kitchen floor is all about.

The Legend of the Three Trees is a folklore story of unknown origin. My favorite picture book version is HERE.

The Tale of Three Trees: A Traditional Folktale

The story is retold by Angela Elwell Hunt and beautifully illustrated by Tim Jonke. It is a Christmas classic but we keep it out year round.

Below is Thing One’s retelling of the legend un-edited.

A long time ago there was three trees. The first tree wanted to be a treasure chest and hold the greatest treasure. The second tree wanted to be a ship and made for just kings. And the third tree wanted to stay on the top of the hill and point up to God.

Many years had passed by. Then after a few days three woodcutters came and the first woodcutter cut down the first little tree. The second woodcutter cut down the second tree. The thrid woodcutter said, “I will cut down whatever tree I want to. This is the one I’m going to cut.”

The first tree got tooken to a carpenter. The carpenter turned the tree into a manger for animals to eat out of.

The second tree was tooken to a ship yard and no big ships were getting made that day. Instead tiny fishing boats. Every day he brought in loads of dead smelly fish across the lake.

The third tree was confused when she got cut into straight square logs. She stayed there for a very long time. Then she got carried by a man and she felt ugly when they nailed his  hands to her.

The first tree got to be a manger and hold the greatest treasure of all. That was Jesus.

The second tree got to be a sailboat and hold the greatest king of all that was powerful. He got to see Jesus stop the storm when he woke up.

The third tree got to be carried by Jesus and forever remind people of God. That was better than staying on the mountain.



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11 responses to “Legend of the Three Trees

  1. The mosaic is beautiful! This is the book that I give when I need a present for a birthday or Christmas, especially if it for an unsaved family. I am just amazed that you would think to put it on your floor, creative and a great testimony.

  2. thelumberjackswife

    Thanks for sharing that! I have never heard it before! Great story and the mosaic on your floor is beautiful!

  3. I have never heard of this story/legend! It is wonderful and I will have to remember it tonight when reading stories to my boys tonight. My oldest always wants a story that I can just tell after we read books. He would LOVE this story!! And the mosaic on your floor is beautiful!! Thank you for sharing this!

  4. purplemoose

    What a neat little story! Did your boy type (or write) that himself? I’m always amazed at the kids’ memories for stories. And I was wondering if you did the tile work yourself (or you and your husband, I mean)?

    • Thing One dictated the story 🙂

      And the tile work. I did it all myself. Mosaics and every bit of tile flooring throughout the house. Probably 400sq feet. We worked together on installing the wood floor in the rest of the house.

      The way it worked out Matt was working when we got to finish work. We had hoped he would be on summer break still. So it was up to me or wait around. I got some library books and learned how to do it. 🙂 Why wait? He is very supportive and not detail oriented so he was happy to deligate that job!

  5. Jo Kime

    Hi Jesse,
    Very cool story!! I haven’t ever heard that one either, love it! I would love to someday see your house too! I would love to try doing a mosaic someday and that one on your floor is so pretty. Look forward to seeing you tonight! Love Jo

  6. Kay

    Hi Jess,

    What a sweetheart you are. I feel as if I know you, already from your writings. You have a lovely home. I could almost smell the coffee brewing.

    I saw your post on the ACFW loop. I’m sure we’ll be hearing much more about you. You’re an excellent writer. I was in the room, as you read to the doctor. Such a moving story.

    Kay Chandler

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