Redneck Story Board

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“What’s this?” You ask. (By the way how do you punctuate that little sentence?)

This is my Redneck Story Board! I’ve been learning a lot about the craft of writing a fiction novel and I realized that my story needed drastic revisions. So, like Walt Disney, I took it to the drawing board. This little exercise resulted in cutting out 10 thousand words from my 30 K manusript but I do believe the result is a much better story. Now to fill in the gaps.

Say hello to Taz, who is looking in the window and wave at my three horses. Nevermind the standard issue (in redneck land) blue tarp barn.

Bye for now.



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13 responses to “Redneck Story Board

  1. purplemoose

    Now, that’s a great idea! How does it work?

    • In general I put up sticky notes for each act then under those I brain storm events and problems. At first I just slapped them all up in no particular order then I stood back to get a whole picture. Where does the story really begin (oops, take down those ten sticky’s) where am I trying to get (oops, these 12 sticky’s have nothing to do with the story). This would have been better to do BEFORE writing most of the story because I found that a lot of my “great passages” (haha) didn’t fit in at all. Then I rearrange the events and get more directed in my WIP. Unfortunately I’m slow so the sticky’s are still up and probably will be for a while.

  2. Love it! But I have to use the big (4×4) lined Post-its when I do it. Not only do I write big, I’m rather verbose when describing each scene. I love being able to see not only what I’ve already written, but what I know I have coming up that I need to write. It’s a great motivational tool for me—hopefully it will be for you too! I’ll probably be doing this for my current WIP this evening, as soon as I get a freelance project turned in!

    • Oh the big one’s would be great but then I wouldn’t be able to see the horses. LOL 🙂 I ended up sticking two together on occasion or folding them over and writing on the back. That’s annoying though.

      • I’ve been putting off the need to install another set of floating bookshelves in my office—and the only wall that isn’t already covered by them is the wall on which I do my storyboarding. I need somewhere to keep my copies of all of my books, but I also need the wall space for storyboarding. ::sigh:: Guess I could always put the bookshelves up in the living room . . .

  3. I love it. The storyboard and the barn! I too live in redneck land and have seen stranger things. How inspiring to be able to look at your horses as you write. I’m jealous.

  4. Great idea!

    So, do you have a publisher that you would like to pitch your book to? Have you thought about that process at all, or are you just consumed with writing for now?

    • Hmmm! That’s a loaded question. 🙂 Well maybe not the question but the answer. I have a couple favorite publishers (of course they’d have to be the big, hard to break into one’s) not to mention the economy. Not exactly the smartest time to start writing for money. So, I’m not sure. I do believe I will enter a Y/A novel in the Genesis contest through As far as publishing, I think I’ll write a couple in different genre’s and then I don’t have to hang all my hopes on just one novel. They say your first usually won’t get published. And boy do I have a ton to learn!

      Truthfully I’m just thrilled to be able to learn. Referring to my email 😉

  5. I love your door that is great. As far as the blue tarp goes, have you seen they make them in a green camo now? They blend in a little better 😉

  6. I may be able to top that??? I got dual exhaust, because I wanted my ride to sound louder 😉 Yep that was my birthday gift from the hubs. He said there was another lady there getting her car fixed because it was to loud, she thought I was crazy & didn’t understand. The guy that was installing it “thought I was pretty cool”. A few of my friends call it prissy redneck. My license plate says SASSA2D. Sassy and attituted put together.

    • Sa-weet! 😉 I love it. My favorite birthday gift from my husband was an original gas cap for my 66 mustang. Still have it and still love it. My husband also calls me his sassy girl. He says if I wasn’t then I would not be able to stand him. We are twins Sarah.

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