Captain Obvious strikes again.

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My oldest is getting a lecture as we speak write.

Dad is trying to impart his wisdom as a fellow word smith.

Eight year old Captain Obvious piped up during breakfast to say, “Grammy knows what bananas are.”

Dad determined he needed a discussion on “value added”.

“Son,” he began, “you need a lesson in appropriate things to say. If it isn’t purposeful, it likely doesn’t need to be said.”

“But Dad, Grammy does know what banana’s are.”

You can see, the lesson was well received.


Loud Kiddington overheard me say “I need to pee.” I guess I could have chosen something more ladylike but then I am in a houseful of boys.

He pipes up in full volume. “You can’t Mom!” and plants his chubby little hands sqarely on his diapered hips.

I raise my eyebrows and inquire, “Oh yeah, why not?”

“You can’t pee if you don’t have a pee-nut!”

Boy am I glad I asked.

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5 responses to “Captain Obvious strikes again.

  1. Aric Hartley

    ROFL~ Loud Kiddington is too cute! And somehow Captian Obvious has a point -she does know what they are! Not that there was a doubt before he imparted his blurb for the morning!
    Miss you!

  2. Oh my a pea-nut, I love it 😉

  3. he eheehee…. glad he knows the difference but to think that you don’t use the potty:) LOL!! What silly little things:)

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