Mixed Media Art Examples

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Wanna see one of the things I got for my Birthday?

This little book may not look like much but it is chock full of fun! My mother in law hand made the journal out of specifically selected Japanese paper, filling it with blank pages for creative art adventures.

It took me a bit to get going because it is always difficult for me to make the first mark but once I did, there was no stopping me. Here are some of the pages I did.

Ink pen and water-color…

Silk leaf paint stamp…

Collage, rubber stamp, paint stamped object…

Torn page collage…

Tape and paint…



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3 responses to “Mixed Media Art Examples

  1. Wow, you are creative. What a beautiful gift.

  2. Another side of you I don’t know. You are gifted and those art projects look fun. Did you come up with that or find the projects some where. I used to be crafty, then got busy, but I could see making a book like this with my kiddos!

    • Ah, well busy is as busy does. No just kidding, I don’t know why I wrote that… it just came out! I’m terribly busy but I sneak little moments for a creative outlet when I don’t have time to write or do something longer. Us type A nuts are only happy when we are busy! 🙂 My mother in law is the brains behind most of the artsy stuff. I get ideas by looking through her stuff and then I taylor what she does to my taste! She is an art teacher for older adults.

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