FAB Friday – Baby Week

 It’s FAB Friday Folks!

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I was reminded this week on a blog how important it is to remind ourselves of the things we can always do, without regret…


Spend time with my kids

Spend time with my hubby

I’m sorely in need of a little perspective lately. 🙂 Sometimes I wonder why God made me so intense.


Speaking of intense…

I’ve got a new baby in the house so I didn’t have much time this week. Can anyone guess why I’ve got five kids this week, only had four last week and I was not (and am not) pregnant?



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5 responses to “FAB Friday – Baby Week

  1. thelumberjackswife

    Hmmm . .. I am now curious. A puppy? Did you adopt? Are you babysitting?

  2. Priorities….hmmmm…I am very intense too and find myself checking the list instead of checking the heart.

    Are you babysitting?

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