FAB Friday: Peewee’s hand-me-down overalls

FAB Friday is here again! Join in at the bottom of my post.

If you are new you can read the page above for the rules schmules. This meme is meant to encourage and promote conversation between bloggers so the rules are “for your own good”. HA HA! Meant to make it as fun as possible in other words.


PeeWee is lovin’ her new camo overalls and the freedom she has when not wearing pink. Mamma doesn’t rush over and try to dust the mud off of her new flamingo colored yoga pants (thanks for those btw Aunt Missy!).

Yay mom I love my brother’s clothes!

Look at me! Pee Wee took herself into the upper pasture, traversing rocks and hills and weeds. Lots and lots of weeds! To this vantage point overlooking the property. When I realized she wasn’t in the front yard I scolded the boys for loosing her (ha) and started yelling. She wasn’t concerned she hollered back “Huh?” without a hint of worry.

Then came the pictures…Pee Wee decided that she could no longer handle the hills and the rocks and the weeds. “The hills are alive with the sound of crying. La la la laaah!”

“Can’t anyone see me?”

Click, click, click. “Nope Peewee, Mom can’t see you. Must be those darn overalls!” Click, click, click. Makes for some good pictures though!

Time for you to link and share a family moment from your week!

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7 responses to “FAB Friday: Peewee’s hand-me-down overalls

  1. Nadine

    Love the curls to go with the camo overalls! Tomboy here she comes!

  2. My kind of girl, a camo girl. I had some camo pants when I was preggers. I LOVE these photos of your beautiful angle.
    Handmedowns rock:)

  3. Reminds me of my youngest and only girl. She’s almost 8 and wears her brothers hand me down pjs! I used to take her brother’s jeans and sew lace to the bottom just to girl them up, but she LOVED her camo skirt outfit she’s still trying to squeeze into!

  4. Thanks ladies! I haven’t been taking pictures lately and I miss it. 🙂

    Gina, I remember trying to squeeze into an outfit I didn’t want to grow out of when I was probably 8yrs old! And probabably more recently too LOL

  5. no not the idaho camo……ahh. her Hair is so cute, can’t wait to see you guys again we were just talking about when we could come. Will post pics of the crazy house lk just finished, just got home. I feel you now, we lived in a 19 ft trailer for a week and the job is a huge mud pit, the boys loved it and i came to terms with the dirt. anywhoo …nice present in the mail box! and i had 12 eggs. haha i was more excited over the eggs and seeing the rooster sit on them. lk named him Gregory.

  6. She is so precious…. tears and all!!!

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