Want to chime in? Breastfed baby to bottle baby.

How do you get a breastfed baby to transition to the bottle?

I’ve got a three month baby in my care who is breastfed at home. His mom has been feeding him bottles during the day(along with nursing) since he was one month old but when he comes to my house he doesn’t want anything to do with the same bottle he gets at home.

I’ve tried different bottle nipples, different temperature milk (I’m using his mother’s milk), different hold… and various other mommy tricks!

What are your ideas?



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14 responses to “Want to chime in? Breastfed baby to bottle baby.

  1. Nadine

    pray, cry, scream and then try again! You tried everything I thought of, unless you just let him get hungry enough to take it…Sending lots of patience to you!!


  2. AnnaLee

    Ask the mom how she holds the baby while he’s eating at home. Does she rock, walk, cradle, yada yada… get the mom to sleep with small blanket, which the baby can then cuddle with and smell while he’s eating at the babysitter’s house.

  3. lauren

    talk to his mom about this, but my son was the same way. when i start antibiotics and couldn’t feed him for some reason ate right from a bottle with formula. i think he knows the difference and won’t drink my milk from a bottle. of course we are having a little bit of trouble transitioning back, but i think its just because i no longer produce as much as we feed him with formula. anyway… that’s all i got.

  4. Tara Cope

    Good luck! None of my kids would take a bottle. I hope you find something that works!

  5. Great ideas guys! And thanks for the support even in the other cases, Nadine and Tara 🙂 Your comments helped me keep a smile on my face!

    He is such a precious little boy and his momma doesn’t have a choice but to work. I did wonder about the formula idea but hadn’t asked yet. It breaks my heart to suggest it when his mom has been pumping for months to be sure to have enough. Wow that’s “expensive” stuff, emotionally. 🙂

  6. I’m with everyone else—see how she holds him, with blanket or without, rocking/not rocking, sitting/standing, dim light/regular lighting, does he take his bottle turned with his belly to his mommy or laying more flat or turned outward?? I guess I’d try every possible thing that is like it is at home.
    Only other hint I can give, is when he’s refused it and my guess is he’s really fussy by then, try taking him outside for a breath of fresh air for a few minutes and then try again. Last idea– try slipping the bottle in his mouth when he’s preoccupied with something else–like looking at the dogs/horses, the kids, etc. I’ll pray for you!

  7. mix it up. can one of the kids feed him? some babies just wont take bottles for women. (why he takes it for his mom I don’t know).

    try giving it to him when he’s falling to sleep so he doesn’t think about it.

    try taking him outdoors and giving him a bottle so he’s distracted with the sites..

    try not looking at him. I mean that sounds mean but I don’t mean it that why. just try holding him and not looking at him. he might be used to his mother’s face and confused by your stares.

  8. Even more great tips! It seems something different works each time, eventually!

    Once he preferred a slower nipple. Another time I just waited him out, yet another, warmer milk seemed to help.

    This last time, he ate quite well when I layed him on his blankie on the floor and had Scarfunkle (my baby loving boy) give him the bottle. Maybe you are right Henny, it could be my face! LOL

  9. Am I rude to say, if he gets hungry enough, he’ll eat? 🙂 It seems funny that he’ll take the bottle at home, but not at your house. He is doing some serious thinking inside that little baby brain – they make decisions at a young age, don’t they? I think he wants his Mommy and he knows it, even if you are a really, great Mom and babysitter.

    Sounds like you’re trying hard and have a lot of good ideas above, so pray specifically for wisdom. The Lord will give it. He will show you what to do.

    • Thank you Mindy. NO I don’t think its rude, that’s pretty much what I’ve done. 🙂 He is well loved. My Thinglets entertain him when he is sad and it seems some of the time when he is “hungry” it’s just that he wants mamma.

  10. Sam

    My 9 month old will not drink breastmilk that has been frozen, but he does just fine with breastmilk that’s been stored in the fridge for just a short time. I’m not sure if he doesn’t like the taste of the storage bags or the taste of frozen milk. You might ask the mom to try different ways to store the milk, and different storage bags. Especially if she’s giving him fresh milk at home, but giving you the frozen stuff.

  11. I feel for you. I watched a newborn for a year, once. After that, promised myself I’d never do it again. This baby was solely breastfed and momma would come home at lunch to nurse. But what about the times baby just wants some comfort? Those were terrible.
    I think the frozen milk is a big factor, too. But as others have said, once he’s hungry enough, he’ll take it.

  12. Wow! Thanks for all the ideas. Thankfully this little boy is easy to watch, just gets mad when he discovers the bottle isn’t mom!

    Many of your tips helped and at the end of the day when I calculated how much and how often he ate I was relieved to see that eventually he did give in and eat well.

    The first bottle of the day is always hardest. I’ve had him now about two weeks and this has been the case.

    His mom tried feeding him a bottle before bringing him (around 6am) and that did help some. He took 1oz from me every few hours until he gave in and took 2oz before a longer nap after lunch.

    Between feedings though he smiles and babbles. Kicking and playing so he can’t be terribly hungry.

    Yesterday he finally woke up from that nap and let my son feed him 3oz and then at around 6pm took a whopping 5oz bottle from me but not looking at me. 🙂 Not sure if it was the “not looking” or the waiting him out that finally worked. LOL

    If I discover any thing else that helps I’ll let ya know. Keep the good ideas coming. This might come in handy for someone else in my position too!

  13. I discovered another trick that works for the little guy when he is missing his mamma. My best friend suggested this trick since it worked with her little girl.

    Wrap the bottle in a blanket or shirt that smells like his mom. I

    tried and tried the bottle but whenever he saw it, he got mad until I wrapped it up and he couldn’t see it. 🙂

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