I’m feeling random lately so here goes, answer this…

What is the 1st thing you notice about people you meet.



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18 responses to “I’m feeling random lately so here goes, answer this…

  1. Usually their eyes, then their teeth/smile 🙂

    How about you?

  2. Most often their hands. I hate people with unkempt fingernails, or men with soft hands and long fingernails (*shudder*).

  3. Hey…massage therapists have soft hands and guitar players have long fingernails…I have both in my acquaintance.
    I first notice a person’s expression…smiles, great…but looks of indifference, pain, irritation, or just plain grumpiness…not so great.

  4. Nadine

    I guess more a total package – how they are dressed (do they take the time to get dressed or do they roll out of bed in pj’s), their facial expression (smile, grimace, frown), and how they are standing (slouched, arms crossed…). To me its what the initial attitude is I guess.

  5. i notice there clothes – not if they are fashionable or not, but how they dress, you can usyally tell a oy about people how the dress. self centered or insecure people tend to be the most styish…. but then again so dies anyone without kids lol. i notice if they are modest or not. i norice religious garb… then i notice their personality and compared with theirs clothing you can get a good idea on people.

    there is no hard and fast rules on this… i dont see a girl with make up and think ‘spoiled brat” or a person with dirty shoes and think “what a slob”… i just observe the person in general and try to read them.

    then again first impressions are rarely entirely accurate!

    how was that for an explanation.

  6. forgive all the typos i’m NAKing … oops!

  7. Eyes? Probably first. If i see them from a distance, the way they walk. As a massage therapist who works with pain issues, this catches my attention. Although long before becoming a MT i noticed folk’s posture, could even identify them by it from some distance.

    I’d prefer folks NOT notice my teeth as mine are not an asset.

  8. I’d prefer people not notice my posture as its awful! I have pelvis issues that effect the rest… bleh! I’m totally insecure about it. man…. I shouldn’t have read this post! lol

    well atleast everyone was honest and not like “I don’t notice anything physical – only their aura” or some cheese like that haha

  9. I always notice what they are wearing. (I was being honest when I called myself Dressing Myself – I am obessessed with clothes).

    • Oh man, I’m doomed 🙂 My sis is much more into clothes and I’m sure, often horrified at the jeans and sweatshirts I wear. Comfy is king but I do think I clean up well and try not to be completely frumpy. Ha!

      • Nadine

        Yeah Jess I think its better to have the grubbies and play with our kids than all the pretty clothes and no time for the kids. I like to keep my ‘good clothes’ for the sporadic date nights!

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