Go ahead, run with sticks! The things moms sometimes say.

There’s nothing that helps improve my mood better than spending time outside. Most of the time it doesn’t matter what I’m doing.

My best friend shares my love of the mountains, rivers, trees etc. Before kids we’d spend entire days out on our horses in the Idaho mountains often ending up taking a dip in the lake before heading home trying to beat the sun.

These days it’s a bit harder to get out in the great outdoors like that but when she suggested we explore the woods by her house and look for unique sticks to decorate with, I couldn’t resist! Neither one of us even considered the eight kids between us ranging in age from 3 months to 8 years. When mountain raised mom’s raise kiddo’s, you’d better believe they can hike with the best of us right from the womb.

Actually, it’s too often that we allow our circumstances to keep us from doing the things we love especially when those things (like hiking) can be so healthy for the kids as well. Truth be told, many times as mom’s we don’t think, “Hey, they can come too.” Instead we struggle with wanting babysitters or school to whisk them away and grow them up so we can get back to the things we once did. I’ve fallen into that trap, thinking that I have to just wait until my kids are grown.

I’m so glad she suggested the hike. We were on the mountain for a good couple of hours, exploring different tree species, wildflowers and of course running with sticks!

Thanks Deb, for reminding me that I don’t have to wait!  The kids needed it as much as we did.

So, what fun and free things can you do with your kids. Did you enjoy people watching at the mall before having kids? Grab a stroller, or two or three 🙂 and head to the mall.

I guess I realize now, as a “maturing” mom (haha) that loneliness, isolation, the “I can do it myself” mentality STINKS! Get out and do something with other moms. Raid the local Starbucks, visit the library, swing in the rain. The “rules” we make about nap times and overstimulation (I’ve decided) are a bunch of hooey! Though I have to say, I’ve been down those roads before. But, as many of you know, I’ve also been down the Postpartum Depression road TWICE. Much of it may have been avoided had I just gone out and done something rather than sit at home making sure everyone had a perfectly scheduled day.

When Deb and I get together now we bring fruit and cheese sticks, taquito’s or sandwiches and just spend the day. If we run out of diapers, we share. If someone wets their pants we get them something to wear and if socks never come back, life goes on.

Here is a cute recipe my bestfriend sent home with me for my frig. It sums it up perfectly.

Recipe for Preserving Children

  • 1 large grassy field
  • 6 (or more) children in assorted sizes
  • 3 small dogs (give or take)
  • 1 narrow pebbly brook
  • 1 hot sun
  • flowers
  • deep blue sky

Mix the children with the dogs and empty into the field, ,stirring continuously. Sprinkle the field with flowers. Pour the brook gently over the pebbles. Cover all with a deep blue sky and bake in hot sun. When children are well browned, they may be removed. They will be found ready to be put away to cool in the bathtub!



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14 responses to “Go ahead, run with sticks! The things moms sometimes say.

  1. Jo Kime

    Jess….I absolutely love this!! It is so true too! Hope you had a fantastic time. Love ya Jo

  2. I’ve teased before that with the cost of gas I was going to get a side cart for my motorcycle and cram all the kids in it!

  3. What fun! Kids belong with mom and mom belongs with kids…unless, of course, you want kids that grow up to be like babysitter or teacher or, worse yet, their peers.

  4. Makes me miss the country SO much! Was always amazed at the Lord’s sense of humor in moving me to a huge metropolis. However, I think I will still snag the neighbor and kids for a walk soon. We, too, will play with sticks. Hearing about your day, with all those beautiful little ones, just made me happy.

  5. I wish I was more of an outdoorsy person with my kids, but growing up in the cement jungle… or close to it…I’m too paranoid about poison ivy, ticks, and running with sticks. My kids LOVE camping, but I’m NOT a woods person. But if it’s any consolation, give me a beach and a stretch of ocean…and I’m there! And I used to ride the occasional horse before kids!

    • I’m totally outdoorsy but I’ve sometimes allowed kids to keep me from it until I realized they can enjoy it too.

      There you go, take them to the beach! Sunscreen and hot dogs to spend the day.

      Well, when you come I’ll fix ya. 😉

  6. I too love the outdoors. I thought of you today actually as my son sat in this huge pile of bamboo in our back yard for about an hour or so. I thought of your tic post as he sat in the fort for over an hour playing war. But I just loved, loved that they were outside for hours just playing.

    I LOVE camping with my kids… one of my fav outdoor things to do actually. In fact, just posted about it today. 🙂

    • Camping already! It’s too cold here.

      That’s so funny you thought of me. I often think of all my blog friends. Sometimes I forget we’ve never met and think “Boy I need to call so and so” or “we should have coffee.” DUH!

  7. Lisa

    Thanks for the great post. I needed reminding of this 🙂

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