Link up NEXT week for FAB Friday

I wanted to remind you that it’s almost THAT time again. Time to share your bloopers and find the silver lining. Time for standing in the rain. Time that we share our struggles and look on the bright side. Time for LEMONAIDE!

Have you had any days like that this month? Days where you would cry if you didn’t have someone to laugh with?

Write a post, including pictures if you like and come back next Friday to share with other bloggers how they’ve turned trials into joy’s. Read these great examples.

Whatever your style, the rules are simple. Write a post. Include a link to Blog Schmog so readers can find other FAB Friday posts. Visit the others and laugh together!

For more muddy details 🙂 click the FAB Friday page above.



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3 responses to “Link up NEXT week for FAB Friday

  1. thelumberjackswife

    Sounds good, Jess! Is it still okay to link up a past post?

    • Sure thing! Just slip in something like…Visit Blog Schmog for more FAB Friday Fun. 🙂 I’d love this carnival to grow.

      You all make me smile on my worst days cause I think “ooo, I’m not gonna cry, I’m gonna write a post.” LOL

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