Monkeys in the Trees

My husband loves to tell the story about when he and his younger brother built a zip line in their backyard as kids. His brother would want me to inform you that he was only a semi-willing participant but when things started to get ugly he was the one saying, “Matt, I don’t think you should do that.”

A rope and a bike wheel and a couple of boys zipping through the yard make quite the spectacle. But tie that rope to a cement wall and you’ve got a problem. They soon learned when part of the wall tumbled downa.

Since he is all grown up now he needed to relive those times. He and the boys made one this weekend with a broken bike and are having quite a time playing on their new toy. I hope you enjoy my goofy video production. CLICK HERE to see my monkeys!

Thank you to all our service men and women. I’m so proud of you Luke & Mary.

Have a nice holiday!



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2 responses to “Monkeys in the Trees

  1. Jo Kime

    That is so cool!! I wanna bring the Grandkids out to do it!! lol I think it’d be fun to do that too!!

    Love n prayers,


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