Our tooth fairy is a thief? FAB Friday, join in!

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Ah, young’uns!

So grown up and yet still so innocent.

I love it!

Captain Obvious lost another tooth recently. He thinks he is so sly now because he knows the tooth fairy is me. Of course I tease him and insist its not me. So when he lost the tooth he came and said “Mom, don’t forget to put money under my pillow.”

Right. Thought I. If he was gonna be like that there would be no money from me!

Well, Daddy came to the rescue and had a brilliant idea to give him a roll of pennies. He slipped them under Captain’s pillow bright and early then hustled off to work.

When Captain Obvious woke up he yelled, “Mom, the tooth fairy is a thief!”

“What? What are you talking about, just calm down.”

Apparently the very same roll of pennies that hubby took from the window sill in the kitchen had just been rolled by my toothless son. “That was my roll of pennies mom!”

“I’m sure there must be some explination.”

Scarfunkle joined in, “Maybe she ran out of money.”

Now, here was my chance, “Wait just a minute, how do you know the tooth fairy is a she?”

The boys looked thoughful for some time but soon came to the conclusion that it must be Dad then.

Shoot, caught.“Well,”  I had to think fast, “I think you must not have looked well.


“I looked good but this was under my pillow. I’m telling you Mom, the tooth fairy is Dad and he just took my money to pay me.”


“You’d better go look more. Look on your desk, in your bathroom. EVERYWHERE!”




While he was looking EVERYWHERE I quickly penned this note…





…and miraculously was able to sneak it (along with some original money) into his room while the kids were looking in the school room.

When Captain Obvious found the note there was silence in his room for a good three minutes before he stole down to the main area with the most rediculous look on his face.

I managed not to die laughing and asked him what was up.

He read me the note.

His brothers though it was the coolest thing ever and for now, I’m off the radar.

Dad might still be the “alternate” but Mom is certainly NOT Tooth M. Ferrie


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16 responses to “Our tooth fairy is a thief? FAB Friday, join in!

  1. thelumberjackswife

    Hey! I ended up linking a past post today. We got so busy with remodeling/packing/moviing that I didn’t have time to write a new one.

    My post is a tribute to my son’s new glasses. 🙂 They need all the prayers they can get. 🙂

  2. Jo Kime

    Too funny Jess!! I just love your stories and all the nicknames for the kids are fab!!
    Look forward to seeing you later tonight!! How did your dinner go? 😉

    Love & prayers,


  3. LOL you know one day they’ll learn how to read your blog and you’ll be outed!

  4. Oh my that is so funny.
    We have upwards programs here in VA as well. (shirt in the photo)

  5. He has the same shirt as your son:) Do you guys have soccer and basketball as well? Sorry about the two comments, somehow I clicked submit before I was ready.

    • Yeah, we have soccer but it is a smaller program and we decided to put my 2nd into Park and Recreation soccer instead. Maybe if he sticks with it we’ll switch to Upward in 3rd grade. I could easily be the mom that goes overboard with sports and activities. I have to remind myself to pace my kids. Rarely do children go on to be professionals in sports so moderation is important for me to remind myself. Guess I just went on a tangent. 🙂 I do want them to have the best programs and love that Upward is as much about faith in Jesus and good sportsmanship as it is the sport. We’ll see. There is time Jessie, there’s time!

  6. Jessie,

    Hope the writing is going well. I thought you’d appreciate another tooth story:

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