The funny things kids say.

Today I had a little help during lunch prep. Loud Kiddington was observing my every move so I asked, “Are you gonna be a chef when you grow up?”

His eyes got wide. “No. I don’t want to be a mouse.”

A mouse? What in the world?

I didn’t get it but then I remembered Ratatouille Rat! Ha!




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4 responses to “The funny things kids say.

  1. I got it right away! Probably only because I have been SO busy that my youngest one watched it SEVERAL times this past weekend. I love all those things your little rascals say. They are adorable. 🙂

  2. My grown-up kids have a Godson who has just turned 6. I am good friends with his parents and he often spends time here. On Sunday his Dad brought him over. His Dad is 67 (older than me), so obviously an ‘older’ father. His Dad had a cup of coffee with me before leaving, and while we were all sat on the sofa, 6 year old said (very cheerfully), “If my Daddy dies, I’m coming to live with you.”
    I thought this was funny, but in a rather sad way.

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