I finally got a camera

 I finally did it. I’ve upgraded from my trusty point and shoot to a DSLR. I chose Canon mostly because I’m already familiar with many of the settings but I was open to anything for the right price. I’m looking forward to learning with my Canon Rebel XS and sharing more photos with you. This should be fun!

Here’s a random question to celebrate!

Is there a picture that you remember from your childhood that sticks out in your mind? Why? Tell me about it.

I wrote a post and in it I mentioned one of the funniest pictures our family has here.



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13 responses to “I finally got a camera

  1. Congrats! I love my Rebel. Can’t say I have figured out all the settings, but when I’m tired and can’t think about all that “real” photography stuff, I use use their little pictures on the button to help me find the right setting. Enjoy!!!!!

  2. Hi! Congrats on your camera. 🙂 My hubby has a Nikon D70 & it does such a good job (tho of course he’d really like to upgrade).

    Ug. Pic.

    My mother had one of me on her dresser when i was a child. I had to look at it every day. She HATED long hair & my hair was as short & ugly as possible. I looked like a BOY.

    I looked at that pic every day & thought, “I am the ugliest child on earth.”

    Sorry. You asked.

    • Ah yes the short hair pics. I have one of those too. My mom didn’t hate long hair but she HATED fighting me over caring for it. So when I was about 8 she chopped it all (had her beautician friend come to our backyard and I sat on a stool while she hacked) then they PERMED it! I looked like…uh…well I don’t even know. UGLY! It was tight permed and short. Then, since it was the 80’s I’d wear rediculous bow headbands that stood straight up (like minnie mouse) and clip on earrings. SIGH! I feel your pain.

  3. Congrats on your new camera. I do want to upgrade sorry I never got back to you on that. My hubby told me to keep mine even if I upgrade so I always have a back up. Plus my daughter likes to be my 2nd shooter.
    LOVE your photo!
    My photo from my childhood that sticks out would be a photo I have sitting on my dads lap. He died when I was only 9 and I was the 4th child so there just isnt many photos of me and my father.

    • Precious memory! Of your brothers and sisters how many girls and how many boys?

      That’s okay about the camera. When I calculated how many shots I take, picking up a used camera (since they only have a certain # of click in them anyway) wasn’t the best idea afterall.

  4. liz

    Congrats on the new camera. It’s so much fun!
    The old family photo that stands out to me is one of my mom and I on the couch. I remember it because she pinched me hard to quit wiggling around. There are smiles on us…but the smiles don’t extend to the inside. 🙂

    • Ah ha, that’s fun. Not the pinching but the “truth behind the smiles”. I have an infant pic of Captain Obvious where he looks completely peaceful and asleep. Truth is he was taking a breath between screams but its in black and white and you can’t see the red face!

  5. Okay, so what’s the difference from a point and shoot and DLSR? I went from a 5.0 Kodak bulky camera to a cheap point and shoot so I can slip it in my pocket on vacations and unless everyone is standing still it’s impossible to take a nonblurry picture and it has all these multiple settings to play around with! SIGH! If only I had time to learn photography. Maybe when I’m a grandma!!! But not too soon!

    • I’ll teach you some tips. Up until now I’ve only ever shot with a camera like what you describe. Bring it with you! It might be a simple setting.

      A DSLR has lenses that you change depending on the situation instead of only settings to adjust. It stands for Single Lense Reflex. On a point and shoot there is a seperate view finder lense so the picture isn’t always “what you see is what you get”.

  6. I have a Rebel too! I love it! We just upgraded to a better lens and I am loving it. You will have so much fun with it. Just play around with all the settings for awhile and you will get the hang of it quickly. I’m sure you know by now that just changing cameras will make your photos THAT much better!

    • It is fun to experiment. I took my zoom attachment (not technically its own lense) and got some shots of a friends cousin jumping his motorcycle. It was fun. I needed to shoot manual though because they were blurry. I might post, just for fun. So far I’m just shooting auto. I taught myself to shoot manual on my point and shoot but this has a lot more nuances. 🙂 It’s exciting!

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