Yes I really took pictures of my chicken’s bum

…and it was all because of you! I wanted to share something I learned about raising chicks.

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Grose huh? I know, I’m terrible.

Maybe you already know this but I was recently reminded that it is important to clean the poo goo off their bums so they don’t get stopped up or those little chickens might die on ya.

I usually do have some losses with day olds but this is just one way to minimize it. Use a damp paper towel and gently “melt” away the gunk. The farm I ordered from told me that the stress causes the chicks poo to thicken and stick. Once they settle down it should become less sticky.

Another thing I didn’t know (or didn’t remember) is that for the first couple days to reduce stress related losses you can feed them boiled and crushed up eggs. I stirred in a little chick starter and put it out twice the first day. My chicks were crazy for it!

The lady who told me about this reminded me that when the chicks hatch they eat the egg whites and that’s where they get the protein to rest for 72 hrs. Giving them hard boiled eggs just boosts the protein intake.

So, there you have it. Chicken bums and protein boost. 🙂

Does anyone have some fun chicken breeds? I will post pictures of my mixed flock of chickens soon!



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5 responses to “Yes I really took pictures of my chicken’s bum

  1. Cute chicks 🙂
    I recently got a couple of bantam chicks, to keep my old one legged hen company, and they’re gorgeous. I’ve discovered that chooks ADORE grapes. Try them with yours.

  2. Chickens eating eggs seems a bit cannibalistic to me! 😉 Is that a new camera?

    • I thought so too but then she told me about when the chicks hatch and eat the whites it made sense to me. Actually that IS a term when hens eat their own eggs. People literally put rose colored glasses on them, I guess so they are calmer. Or maybe that’s to keep them from pecking other hens, I don’t remember which. If they get out of hand here, they have to go. 😦 Poor girls.

  3. Wow. I give my kids wiping lessons, but never thought I would be on the receiving end of one!

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