Local LoneStar – The Legend of LoneStar Bear

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The Legend of Lonestar Bear by Remi Kramer

Former hollywood director, Remi Kramer wrote and illustrated the trilogy of Lonestar Bear after moving to Idaho.  The illustrations are beautiful and the stories are enjoyable for kids and parents alike.

Mom: Tell me about Lonestar Bear

Captain Obvious: Those are AWESOME. He fishes.

Mom: What else do you like about the books?

Captain Obvious:  It is a bear that talks.

Mom: Does he have lots of adventures.

Captain Obvious: Yes, he flies on a plane.

Mom: Anything else?

Captain Obvious: Oh and one more thing. I like it because Aliens come to him.

These books are great for boys.  A hometown bear is an unlikely hero.  He resides in the Idaho mountians and has many great adventures at home and while traveling.  These three books are some of my Thinglets favorites and thankfully a favorite of mine as well.

Find what books other kids have enjoyed (and don’t forget to link up) at 5 Minutes for Books  Kids’ Picks carnival the 3rd Tuesday of each month.



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4 responses to “Local LoneStar – The Legend of LoneStar Bear

  1. That’s fun!

    Did you ever see my I read it post from this month? I got around to reading Brandilyn Collins:


  2. I’ve never heard of these books- glad to know you guys enjoyed them!

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