Co2 suffocation and baby bumpers- my scary night!

I had a scary night with my little girlie.

I woke up to the sound of gasping or more like small grunt sounds coming from her room. We’ve had bouts with asthma (prior to our gluten-free days), croup, RSV and other respiratory childhood illnesses so I worried that she had come down with something suddenly.

I rushed to her crib and rolled her over, feeling her forehead, placing my other hand on her chest to feel how she was breathing. I checked for dehydration (by gently pinching the skin) and rolled her over again to pat her back. She stayed asleep through all that but had no fever and hadn’t had any signs of any other sort during the day. No runny nose, no cough, no extraordinary crankiness or acting extra sleepy. Nothing.

So I prayed for wisdom and cracked a window by her crib. I knelt by her with my arm through the slats and my hand on her chest and counted the minutes, debating whether to wake her up, rush her to the ER at 2AM or WHAT!?

She breathed through little, seemingly too infrequent gasps. I worried and the minutes (probably only seconds wore on).

Her gasps started to come more frequent.

Maybe it was the window. I cracked it a little more.

She started taking a normal breath between gasps. It almost sounded like she was dreaming and the gasps could have been mistaken for a stiffled cry.

Then I remembered. When I’d first run up there she had her little face crammed in the corner of the crib under the bumper. Now, I know the bumpers are supposed to GO for strangulation concerns once the baby starts to roll and I DID that. But once she was old enough to put on her own blankets and take them off I opted to put them back, thinking the risk was gone. Not so!

I ripped all the bumpers off and sat on the floor to listen to her breathe for who knows how long.

Within 5min of uncovering her face and opening a window she was breathing normally and slept the rest of the night just fine. Not so for me of course!

I believe what happened is she was breathing bad air. Co2 that is normally breathed out into the air was going back into her little lungs and can become toxic. I think she was beginning to suffocate. Thank the Lord, he woke me up and I was able to fix the problem quickly. She is absolutely fine this morning but I wanted to share this for anyone else with toddlers. Breathing Co2 is believed to be a cause of SIDS but only medically classified as children 0-1yrs. Even your older children can be at risk!



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8 responses to “Co2 suffocation and baby bumpers- my scary night!

  1. this has always been something that freaks me out. my little boy will ONLY sleep with his face pressed against something. my boob, his blankey, a pillow, and bumper… whatever. he will NOT sleep unless his face is firmly pressed against something. I think it’s a habit developed from falling to sleep nursing when he was little and it has always stayed with him. it DOES freak me out… but i can’t prevent it. if I didn’t let him sleep with a blanket he would flat out refuse to sleep. it bothers me less now that he is 16 months old… but is FREAKED me out when he was younger. I woudl get up 10 plus times a night to make sure nothing was near his face.

    my girl used to do this too. I walked into her room a few times to see a blanket completely wrapped around her head. it scared me so bad I didn’t sleep well for nights! she is 5 and still does this and it scares me even now.

    but do remember this, it was NOT your knowledge of SIDS that kept your baby safe – it was the voice of God waking you that kept her safe last night. there is no way to prevent tragedy in all ways, but we can trust in the Creator to take good care of them and let us know when we are needed.


    • Yep, God loves my babies even more than I do!

      I can understand the sleeping with your face covered thing. I do that! As a kid I used to let my cat sleep on my neck. My mom did NOT know, I’d sneak him in. 🙂 To this day I prefer to be completely covered. It is totally freaky though!

  2. thelumberjackswife

    Oh, my goodness, Jess!!! You lived my worst nightmare! I read about bumpers once and I never allowed them on any of my cribs. I also didn’t do pillows for a long time either. So scary and glad she is ok.
    Can’t wait to hear what the next baby will be-boy or girl?!?!?

  3. Yes, I used to worry about that much more when my kids were little but since Pee Wee is turning 2 I haven’t worried for probably a year.

    My dad is a retired EMT so I am no stranger to the scary things that can happen. He is a safety nazi! I come by it honestly. 🙂

  4. YIKES! I’d be freaked out!! That is one part of parenthood I DID NOT enjoy. All the worries and safety hazards with the little ones. SO glad you were discerning and knew what to do and Pee Wee is alright!

    Did you have a monitor in your room? I think I still had one in ours even past 2 years!! Either way, PTL for a mama’s ears and sensitivity to God!

  5. Praising the Lord for waking you and alerting you to the danger. I bet you were all worshipping Him with thankfulness and adoration today!

    Praying for your writing! Hope all is going well.

  6. Yep I’m thankful beyond measure.

  7. liz

    Wow… thank God you heard her. That is so scarey. I know we all like how the bumper looks 🙂

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