Yarn Art Random Stripes

Well, it was going to be for my little girl because I was just certain (and I’ve never been wrong) that this baby I’m carrying is a girl. You guessed it! Boy! Not sure he would appreciate a pink and orange blankie.

I love to crochet and ever since I started I’ve wanted to make a random stripe blanket. Unfortunately I’m not naturally random and they always turn out in nice neat little rows or some other repetetive pattern.

But here at Biscuits and Jam you can create a random pattern and see what it will looks like. Yay! Here is a pattern I generated for my newest addition. Now the work begins. Who gets the blanket.




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10 responses to “Yarn Art Random Stripes

  1. I didn’t know you crochet! I made all my kiddos blankets a year or two ago, then I got tired in the middle of MY blanket. Maybe this winter I’ll break it out again!

    And the blanket can still be for your little girl! Pee Wee needs a blanket for her dollies for Christmas!!

    • Yeah, I love to keep my hands busy. You should see some of the crazy things I’ve made. Not the least of which was an ugly purple sweater and a really, really miss-shapen blanket for myself that I tried to make on the diagonal without a pattern before I knew how to do such things. It’s on my bed right now! 🙂

  2. LOVE the color scheme. This will be a great blanket. Maybe you could give it to Melissa? I heard she’s expecting, though I may have heard wrong.

  3. A boy!! That’s so cool. God must know you’re perfectly well-suited to raise a passel of boys. And, that makes Davie all the more special.

    Did I ever tell you I have a friend from school named Davi-Ann? I think of you every time she posts something on FB. 🙂

  4. thelumberjackswife

    Congrats! And cute blanket!

  5. Rachel

    I’m definitely with you on the neat and orderly issue 🙂 Your blanket is adorable! Now to plan out one in blues and greens…. I love crochet too! Such fun, such fun. Post what you plan for the boy blanket, or is the striped picture what you’ll do and just change up the colors?

    • Hmmm, I could reuse the pattern but then that would be very random would it? 😉 You wouldn’t believe how many “secret” projects I have going on. That’s for another post but adding another isn’t sounding appealing at the moment. Heehee!

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