Potty Training

I promise, I won’t bore you with bathroom talk too much longer. I just haven’t had much else to look forward to lately. Ha! What a Mom will long for… a month or more respite from diaper duty would make my year!

Day 1 – Peewee is very interested in the “Big Boy”. Her diaper stayed dry a good part of the day but no real potty success.

Day 2 – I started late morning after having to change an icky diaper. She “tries” to go on the potty and we are back to sitting every hour. I might resort to letting her wear thick panties or cloth diapers so she can feel. Karen reminded me that with girls it’s not undies although Peewee still calls the john the “big boy”. Is it Jon or John or jon or john? Who knows?

??I never have had any luck with store bought training diapers or little kid potty seats. How bout you??

Day 3 – Same ol’, same ol’ and it is the weekend so we are on the go more. We are NOT at the stage where I can potty train on the go. Getting 4 kids in and out of the car is hard enough and with my pregnancy bladder, NO thank yee!

Day 4 – Monday so I’m home and I am ready for the challenge! Oops, I got all caught up in breakfast and school and my necessary coffee break. Although, these days coffee isn’t quite as satisfying since I’ve weaned myself off of caffeine. 😦 Decaf just doesn’t cut it.  ANYHOW… I decided to mix things up a bit since I’m in the middle of laundry week anyway, and we went cold turkey, straight to big girl panties (the thick kind). I tried a cloth diaper but it would fit around her chunky little thighs. 🙂 Her accidents are not as BIG with the panties on. I think she catches herself. Yay, small success! Another thing I learned today, but didn’t catch, is that she must have a BM around 10:15 because we try at 10 and by 10:30 there is always a suspicious odor and the subsequent clean up.



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3 responses to “Potty Training

  1. With three older brothers, good luck getting her to call them panties. My daughter has always called them undies and STILL does! LOL!

    I agree with the cloth panties. Make them oversized for easy on and off AND, make sure she gets lots of liquids in the beginning of the day for plenty or peeing (and accident) opportunities!

    Good thing she’s “regular” that can really help!

  2. I just spent a week with my oldest daughter and her two kids. The three year old is trained and she is working on the 18 month old son. There was a whole lot of bathroom cheering going on. I forgot the thrill of cheering when there is a poo-poo in the poddy! Just before bed, my daughter told the three year old to go poddy. She said, “But I went poddy last weekend!” Hope you enjoy more laughs than cries, more poo-poos in the poddy than in the undies.

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