Why mom should have been watching the baby not helping.


My husband and father in law have been busy painting the outside of our house. Little Pee Wee is just dying to help out. She might take after her mom in just that one small little way! 😉 

I tried to keep the kids occupied but finally couldn’t stand just sitting around. I had to get my feet wet, er’ um, hand in the buck, okay what I mean is I really really wanted to help! 

Taz wants to help too

So while the kids were taking naps I painted my front door wine barrel red. 

Then someone mentioned how nice it would be if the windows could be cleaned after the paint dried. I noticed that the kids were occupied eating chips in the kitchen. Grabbing my handy squeegee and a roll of paper towels I headed out to make it happen. 

Half of a window later I heard a squish noise and then Pee Wee crying and not three feet behind me. 

She had rolled out a nice long stripe, in white trim paint, down the brown Trex decking and then walked right into it. 

ACK! I yelled. Droping all my window cleaning supplies, I ran and straddled the stripe scoopubg her up. 

“Hon, I need HELP!” 

Mom shoulda’ been watching the baby not helping.



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4 responses to “Why mom should have been watching the baby not helping.

  1. I know!!!!! I wanted pictures so bad but daddy was NOT happy. I had her under one arm and went straight to the bath tub. 😦

  2. Well, it WILL be something to laugh about . . . eventually. These things are often not funny at the time, but later they are what you remember when looking back. 🙂

  3. Maybe your daughter has a future with the highway department.. You know how widows say they miss their husbands snoring? Well, I have to admit, I miss toddler trouble. I know, I know, it sounds wierd, but toddlers are so adorable and wonderful and can cause laughter and trouble all at once….then they grow up. Thanks for sharing your world with one Momma who misses little ones and even their messes. Although, at the time IT DROVE ME CRAZY!

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