Mosaic Address Numbers

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I had one of the most relaxing days I’ve had in ages this week. My husband had a bunch of outside chores, my big boys got to go to Grammy’s and I got to sit all day and mosaic! Even better was the fact that my project was a gift for some friends. A couple who are both celebrating their 50th birthday this month. It is exciting to bring a beautiful gift that didn’t cost me much but time and yet it is something they actually needed and wanted. I did a little sneaky digging. 😉

Here are some pictures of my fun…

The funniest part was when my friends husband opened the gift. He looked at it, tipped his head to the side as if in question and said “Hmm, we could hang it in the bathroom.”

Apparently their birthday’s are the 10th and 12th. He thought I was commemorating the dates! His wife smacked his arm and laughed “It’s our HOUSE numbers!” Then they both threw their heads back and laughed and laughed until he could explain his mistake.

I still have to cut the numbers off the mesh and will mortar them to individual tiles so the numbers can be hung in any arrangement then grout and done!



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10 responses to “Mosaic Address Numbers

  1. Dawn Moen

    Ha, ha! That’s a funny story! But truly, that looks beautiful! Love it! I guess I never realized how simple that was till I saw this! Great job and great gift idea!

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Josh

    This is a very neat story and cool present… today we loose sights of the very real thought of presents – IE i will grab them a gift card or cash..

    Good Job

  3. Oh, this is fantastic. You did a beautiful job. 🙂

    Funny story about their birthdates.

    Glad you had some time to yourself to create.

  4. Oooh, cool! Where did you get the supplies? What did you use? Did you make up this project, or were you following instructions from somewhere? From the pics, I can see the basics, but more info would be nice!!!

    • I made it up. I’ve been doing mosaic for a couple years now thanks to my MIL’s coaching!

      I drew the # pattern, taped it to a board, covered it with syran (so the glue wouldn’t stick), put fiberglass mesh over all that and taped it to the back of my board and around the edge to keep it from sliding. I like to use fiberglass mesh, is it so versatile and you can remove pieces easily if you decide to rearrange but when you are finished it can be permanently attached via an outdoor mortar product like thinset.

      I used some glass (like stain glass remnants) in the numbers (white) but it is mostly vitrious glass tiles purchased online ( This is where I got the mesh by the yard as well.

      Since I wanted this to withstand winter I used a glue that is not water soluble but if it is for indoors you can glue it with almost anything just to get it to stick until you mortar it in. Weldbond is good.

      You will need a pair of wheeled glass nippers too. Hmmm, lets see, is that it? When it is finished, thinset to a ceramic tile and when dry grout with your hardware store’s recommended product for outdoor use.

      I will post a finished product picture later.

  5. FYI – project takes approx. 16 hrs

  6. I love all your creativity, Jess. I’m glad you’re my cousin. =)

  7. Lynda

    Jessie–this is terrific!! You did a fantastic job and how fun to make something that is needed and fun at the same time!! I wish we were close enough to “play mosaic” together. (And by the way, your directions were great!). Love you!! MIL Lynda

  8. Wow, you are talented. Is there anything you CAN’T do? Glad you had some Mommy Alone time and some Creativity Time. It always refreshes me and I am ready to take on the troop again.

  9. Did I mention I LOVE your mosaics and I have a birthday coming up?? 😉

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