Not Multitasking

Okay I have an over achievers confession. My version of NOT multitasking is narrowing my daily life down to ONE craft project, reading  ONE novel, and working toward ONE major goal at a time. Right now that is slowly writing my novel.

Did I give you an update on writing lately? I’ll have to do that.

I can’t believe how hard it is for me to stick to that! I like variety. Variety in nature, people, life…. When I read, I like to have several different genre’s on my shelf at the same time so I can pick one for whatever mood I’m in. In crafting I like to have different textures, mediums and skills to work on. How many crazies like me are out there?

The problem with this compartmented (did I just make up a word) way of living is when life happens (baby number 5 etc etc) things just won’t get done at all. I need a creative outlet though, so these things can’t go out the window altogether or I feel like I will implode.

I’ve been diligently working on only one crochet project for almost a month now but I am learning a new motif and it is messed up so I need to start over. The Crochet Bible by Sue Whiting has been so fun and inspiring. It has helped my minimal crochet abilities to grow and I am creating more things without patterns. The no pattern thing caused my blanket to turn out extremely wide. If not for the motif I would just leave it but now the flowers will be sideways or I’d have to get more yarn and I can’t do that because I found this unused bag of yarn that happens to have been made in France (oooh la la!) at my church thrift store. I’m STUCK!

My confession… I’m not starting over. I’m putting it aside and taking up locker hooking so I can work on Christmas gifts.

Do you have obsessive multitasking tendencies?



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6 responses to “Not Multitasking

  1. I just was talking to myself about this tendency today. I did a little mending. I did a little cleaning. I did a little sewing. I did a little paper crafting. Then I went outside and did a little gardening. Then, I walked into the house and saw all I had started and not finished. OOPS! Trails everywhere. I will try to be better tomorrow, I promise.

  2. I do! Though I call my unfinished projects a sort of ADHD…call it bordem, or distractability, even when younger I had a hard time sticking to ONE thing. Makes for getting things done a lot harder Which reminds me. I need to pick up my crocheting project I started 2 years ago. In all fairness, I crocheted four blankets (one for each kids’ bed and one son has a queen) two years ago. Then started one for the living room. Think I’m ready to crochet the winter away this year!!

  3. Yes. 🙂

    I’m not as good at multitasking as i used to be. I’m queen of starting too many projects. Trying to finish a number, currently.

    I’m sure your baby blanket will be lovely.

    Did i forget, or has your due date changed a few times?

    • Yeah it was the end of Feb originally but then we thought end of January. The ultrasound set us straight on the original date. I knew the conception date but relayed the MONTH wrong to my midwife. Yeah, that will mess you up!

  4. debra

    Me Too! I was predestined to fly from flower to flower;Debra means “busy as a bee” and to my own self be true.

    My “OMT” burned brightly upon hearing you talk about all the pretty crafty things in the make. HUMMM…I do have new quilting fabrics awaiting my attention. Ha!

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