Pregnancy, my two youngest boys’ perspectives

Oh the things my kids come up with.

I get a good hearty laugh at least every day. Loud is a great story teller and I’m still working on him to complete such tall tales with the phrase “And that’s just a story.”

I was slouching on the couch, letting it all hang out (just meaning I wasn’t holding in my pregnant tummy) and 3yr old Loud pointed to my bump, “Mom is that where you keep your baby?”

“Yes, it sure is.”

He then appeared to inspect it and other areas of my shirt before pointing to my chest, which pre-baby is usually quite flat. Guess you could call it a perk of pregnancy because I’ve already grown a cup size. Thank goodness I’m out of training bras now. Any hooooo, back to Loud. 

“Mom.” He raised his eyebrows, “You’ve got two babies.”

“No she doesn’t.” Scarfunkle sat up straight on the couch.

“No I DON’T!” I got a little worried but then saw where he was pointing. A baby for each bump huh?

Scarfunkle decided it was his turn to interrogate me. ” Mom, why do I always want to ask where the baby comes out?”

Oh dear! I remained calm and tried to recall my pre planned response for the dreaded question. A wise mom once helped me map out some of the worst possible kid questions.

“Well, Scarfunkle, the baby comes out the birth canal.” I sat as nonchalant as possible, secretly crossing my fingers.

“Yeah but nowhere seems big enough.”

“You are right,” I sighed, “nowhere does seem big enough, its hard work but that’s how God made it.”

Would you believe it? He didn’t press me for more and though Loud is convinced he is getting a girl AND a boy baby there was no harm done. 🙂



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12 responses to “Pregnancy, my two youngest boys’ perspectives

  1. Grammy Lynda

    Jess, thanks so much for these little stories. They keep me smiling all day long! 🙂

  2. Too cute! When I was pregnant with my third boy, my second was convicted HE had a baby in his belly. No matter how much I tried to convince him, he wouldn’t budge. So I secretly bought a baby doll for HIM and when he came to visit I presented him with his baby! His three year old heart was in heaven as he fed HIS baby! Those are some of the most precious pictures I have, so maybe it’s time to find a girl baby for Loud! 😉

  3. yasmine slaughter

    I think your kids look like their sooooo much fun looking at their pictures to the right…

  4. I get the same questions from my kids. I told them a very special place opens up (the cervix) when it’s time for the baby to come out. they of course ask “where is it!?” to which I say it’s in a private area so that’s why nobody sees it.

    My mother, when asked, used to say things like “I don’t know!” and walk out of the room. she was so ubermodest that it was actually weird. if I ask her , to this day, as an adult, if she can contractions with me or if she had me as a planned c-section she will claim she doesn’t remember and walk right out of the room! I’m not joking! she refuses to talk about anything to do with pregnancy or childbirth whatsoever. odd, considering my doula job!

    so all in all my plan is to put it in kid friendly terms, never seem embarrassed… and never claim “I don’t know!” ha!

  5. p.s. this is Laura (aka Henny) under my semi-private blog.

  6. I always tell my boys that the doc cuts them out!!! They look at my c-section scar and ask no more! I can’t wait to meet this little one. Hopefully I can come up again if you need the help. hope all is well, miss you guys tons.
    Love ya

  7. Oh, how funny! I was teaching preschool when pregnant with my firstborn, and still remember the day one of the little boys in my class casually asked me how the baby was “going to get out of there.” I was not prepared for that!

  8. Jordan was very fascinated with my chest when I was pregnant with Isaiah…he seemed to think it had something to do with where the baby was! He now points at “the girls” and calls them my two milks. So funny!!

    Loving how Scarfunkle asked it…out of the mouth of babes:)

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