Who influences you?

Influence. Be it beneficial or not so edifying. Who and what influence you?

When I take a good hard look at the topic I find it a bit of a surprise what I am actually influenced by. I’d like to think it is by godly principles, right living, and an entirely independent way of thinking that doesn’t include worldly voices but is that what really influences us?

Cultural bias. I’m a reader and though I don’t subscribe to any I find that I have plenty of women’s magazines to select from in my house. I decorate, plan and even shop on the recommendations of magazines.

Adds. Aren’t we swayed to veer to an out of the way store often because of a mailer we received touting a sale that can’t be passed up? That reminds me of sales! Is it really a sale if I SPEND where I wouldn’t have spent?

Media. Have you ever spent a day moping simply because of  the depressing things you saw or read on the news? I know I have.

Past  baggage, influential people on TV, family….

Would you take a moment to really think honestly and if you are comfortable sharing, please respond to this question. Who and what most affect how you go about your life?



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4 responses to “Who influences you?

  1. Nadine

    my son and husband influence me the most. If they are in grumpy moods or ‘less than clean’ mode it really gets to me.
    The news gets to me. I went 6 months without watching the evening news and then just last week watched it twice in the same week. It kept me up all night. Not for fear, but for shame of the way we screwed up the wonderful gift God gave us.
    Friends, the whole keeping up with the Joneses. I have to tell myself almost daily that I have more than enough, that we are healthy and together, nothing else matters. Then I see new boots that a friend bought…
    I am sure there are tons more that I am not aware about but those are the ones that I try to ‘handle’ so they don’t get me down.

  2. Hmmm, always a searching subject. Always try for it to be the Lord of course…but when I am off track…lately it has been hard moving into town,not to shop! Having a new house and wanting to fill in the places that I have nothing for, that is sooooo not important. We have a big heart for orphans and I try to use there little lives to impact me in this way. Of not wasting money. I don’t like the unknown and using my own influence and not the Lords of always having a plan is a huge downfall of mine. I have a hard time trusting God to reveal the steps as he sees fit and wanting to know the whole story before I an willing to make a move. I can be my worst influence sadly enough…. Just trying to be willing to die to self, becasue it can be the worst sometimes.

    • Ah yes, it is so hard to wait. The Lord rarely gives us words, courage, stamina etc. etc. for a task BEFORE the task but still I plead for Him to reveal it ALL so that I can move forward. We constantly have this little tug of war. ME – “More Lord.” HE – “I am Enough!” ME – “But… I’m just asking for more clarity.” HE – “I am Enough!” ME – “But… I just need a little more of the plan.” And on and on it goes!

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