Conversations on blogs, what gets you going?

What gets you into the conversation on your favorite blogs? There were some questions posed today on Writing North Idaho blog that I think are worth asking. So, what do you think?

Q. Why do you follow the blogs you do?

Q. Why do you comment when you do?

Q. What would (or does) keep you from commenting on a blog?

Q. What has worked to get people into the conversation and involved on your blog?

 I wondered if my answers to this question might be helpful to others so I copied my thoughts on how to get people “talking” on your blog. 🙂 Here is my answer to the last question:

On blogging –
1.It seems like it takes a year for blogs to get their own momentum.

2.The most traffic I have is when I write personal/humor posts but that might have something to do with my nutty life!

3. I also had great success with a weekly “carnival”; something that happens regularly with active participation/homework 🙂 and often links to other blogs. BUT…that’s hard work and often brought readers ONLY in it for the hits to their blog.

4. FB and Twitter pages that automatically post new articles. People will often comment there and/or click over and are more likely to participate now that I’m “bringing it to them”.

What other ideas do you guys have?



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5 responses to “Conversations on blogs, what gets you going?

  1. I follow blogs written by people whose lives seem quite different from mine. Usually they live in villages or in the country. Why this attracts me is a mystery ; I tried living in a small rural village for 18 months and hated it.
    I like looking at blogs where women post photos of their outfits, and I very often make comments. I try hard to be positive.
    One of my main reasons for commenting is that I find feedback so encouraging- and so few people comment.

    When I write something that I don’t quite agree with myself I often get comments. I think this is because the other side of the arguement is so obvious that a reader feels compelled to comment.

    • Outfits! I don’t think I’ve ever done that. 🙂 Maybe it is time. Good idea.

      Few people do comment. I’m always amazed at how many people will tell me in person that they read such-and-such on my blog but the post had no comments.

      Good tip at the end too. I tend to veer away from those “controversial” things because I don’t want to start a fire I can’t put out but healthy debate and knowing why you think what you think is so good too. I will keep that in mind as well.

      Great comments!

  2. Funny, I logged in from another computer and it automatically logged in from my other blog! It’s still me. 🙂

  3. Regarding outfits: I work at home, along. I do make an effort – but most days my clothes are based on staying warm and being machine washable. Some of the outfits posted here simply amaze me! I don’t think any of the ‘outfit posters’ have kids or even mud outside their front door.

  4. I’m quite eclectic in my blog reading – folks dealing with infertility/childlessness, women who have gotten pregnant after dealing with this, mama blogs, blogs on eating GF, blogs on healthy eating, blogs of folks near to where i live, some of crafts, some on issues surrounding Christianity, some from folks in other countries, and just blogs in general. Usually i begin to follow a blog when i see a few comments at another blog that catch my interest.

    However, i am not a frequent commenter. I usually feel i have to have “something to contribute” before i will comment – and that generally means that they don’t have 25 or 50 comments before me. If there are that many, 99.9% of the time i feel i can’t say anything that someone hasn’t already said.

    Some blogs i read simply because i enjoy them, but at most i try to create a “connection.” If i comment somewhere a few times but never get any kind of response and eventually feel the blogger could care less if i was there or not, i usually stop commenting, and may eventually drop the blog from my reading list.

    I really enjoy the blogs i read and the folks i meet. However, i can say that if a few days go by and i get behind in reading (as i am currently) then it can feel like quite a challenge to get caught ups.

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