Why me? Toddler fun, mother woes.

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Sometimes I wonder if I’m the most inattentive mother in the world. Or maybe it has something to do with the umpteen million plates I insist on keeping in the air.

Besides the obvious like mother, homeschooler, Bible study leader… I consider myself a writer, tackle small time farming, bake gluten free foods from scratch, garden, craft and try a slew of other hobbies. Somebody STOP me. Actually at the moment I do little more than lounge (if you can call it that when my belly makes it near impossible to lay comfortably), school my children and try to patiently grow this baby with a decent attitude. 🙂

But I frequently find things like this…

…and I wonder how I’ll ever survive or how I’ve already survived the first two toddlers. Yes, that’s my kitchen chair with a nice new coat of permanent marker. And where did I find the little artist?

Happily washing her hands, as if she can get away with it. What a gal!

Hi MOM! I washing hands.

She even had marker on her face.

So… if you come to visit you’ll probably be sitting in a newly decorated chair because I haven’t taken the time to clean it. As soon as I try, she’ll find three other things to “explore” and I’ll be off running again. It’s a wonder I never go into labor early. Maybe my babies know they have a limited time to themselves and they milk it (ha) for all its worth. Cause once they are born, boy it’s ON!



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11 responses to “Why me? Toddler fun, mother woes.

  1. Jo

    Wow!! Nice decorating she did there!! Lil’ Davie and then trying to hide the evidence after is priceless!! lol You poor thing, she is going to give you a run for your money…..<3

  2. The sign of a Real Artist is paint (or marker or whatever) all over the hands and face of the artist. Ask me. I find it all the time!

    Here’s a suggestion.

    Find other colors of marker and let your little Prodigy decorate the rest of the chairs, each with a different color. Then finish them off with a good coat of varnish and make a one-of-a-kind set of custom-designed chairs. Who knows? You might end up with a business….

    Okay. I’ll go back to painting and be quiet, now (grins).

    Carrie L. Lewis
    Horse Painter

    • Carrie, I have been known to do such things and been accused (haha) of being an “artsy freak”. I think it’s a good idea! The are old anyhow and I already have mismatched chairs. A different two are “recovered” in mens ties. Hmmm, I’ll post if I do. 🙂

  3. DATE IT! That’s how I deal with all the traumas of my life, by dating them. In fact, for now, you might want to modge-podge her picture right over the scribbles in the middle. Wait, that might inspire other artistry. Scrap that idea! 🙂

    I’m personally convinced the closer you are in proximity to your children, the higher the likelihood of shenanigans. They have this radar of knowing how to be underfoot and not get caught. Maybe she was under your belly, not your nose?

    I had a friend whose little boy took a marker and wrote big x’s and o’s all over her brick fireplace. A very young mom, I wanted to know if she spanked him. She gave me a great lesson on what is naughty and what is kids. I just didn’t think I would have to use that wisdom SO MUCH!

    • What was her wisdom? Would love to hear what she had to say. I probably tend to underreact the more kids I have but inside I’m just flipping out!

      Haha, under my belly. 🙂 Very true, wait till you see it. I have some pics coming.

  4. That is why I locked up the markers and crayons and pens and art supplies, gated my kids in the playroom (which only stopped them until they could climb over it) and utilized the playpen for toddler play time!
    The only incidents with four kids , besides kids falling over the gate and out of the high chair and cribs…was a baby powder shower, tissue parade and a Desitin finger painting in the bathroom. Oh, wait, there was that time my daughter overflowed the sink upstairs and we didn’t know it until water was coming through the ceiling. (Is it the girls that wreck havoc or maybe the 4th born?) Maybe I’m blocking out the rest, but yes, locking things up, including thinglets is much easier than scrubbing their messes! And that’s how I see it!!

    • I’m chuckling Gina. I don’t know why but I’ve never considered the playpen. I have, however, turned the bedroom door knobs around so they can be locked during naptime. I had one escapee who would walk right out the front door while I was naping and nursing the baby. Very sneaky and scary.

      Boys are more often grose; poop, food, other grose creations while my little girl is sneaky and so so quiet about her messes.

      I guess in the “down home, farm” mentality I let them run a little more rambunctious but we work em’ hard too. lol At least they all sleep good!

      Amazing though, that you’ve not had the shenanigans that I have and I am truly a very tidy and overly controlling personality. Either God is breaking me or I’m getting lax. 🙂

  5. I just noticed she is wearing princess pj’s in the pic! Hahahah!

  6. I don’t know how I missed this one! That girl sure does give you a lot to write about:) You will have to save all of this to show her one day when she is calling up wondering why her little one is causing her such grief!

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