Hiking and hoping for baby to come.



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9 responses to “Hiking and hoping for baby to come.

  1. JO

    That baby looks like he is pushing out with his foot or something! lol…or is that something in your pouch? Hope he comes soon! love ya


  2. Nadine

    you’re missing one, though I bet he is behind the camera for this shot. The kids are getting so big now.

    • There you go, now only Matt isn’t pictured and he was at work. 🙂 I didn’t have a single contraction while cleaning bathrooms, vigorously sweeping the whole house, doing laundry, scrubbing cabinets in my kitchen, and more so I thought sure a hike would do it! Ah well. It was fun anyway.

  3. Grammy Lynda

    Oh Ezera! Come on out and play!!!

  4. Too cute! A skinny girl with a basketball shoved under her hoodie. You look adorable! Praying for safe and healthy mom and baby.

  5. Ditto, Jess! Praying for safe and joyful delivery and healthy family.

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