Posterior Presentation and Chiropractic

Would you like to possibly reduce the length of your labor? How about turn a baby that is breech or posterior? Try a chiropractor with specialized training.

This is the 3rd (and last) in a series of posts I’ve written with ramblings on pregnancy, birthing, chiropractic that works for turning babies in utero and more.

It started here…I feel like I’m on the big upward climb of a daunting rollercoaster. Click, click, click…. When will I reach the top? I’m afraid but elated. How long will it last? My heart beats a crazy rhythm. Oooo boy, here we goooooooooo!

Posterior Presentation and Chiropractic

Baby has been riding posterior consistently since he settled head down. That fact makes it feel like there are two babies jostling in there but the ultrasound confirmed he is solo. I googled ways to encourage baby to turn and tried all manner of exercises but he remained stubborn and my body continued to complain. It is hard on the lower back and pelvic region to carry a baby posterior. Ouch! I finally got time to make a chiropractic appointment and after two visits my muscles and joints are feeling much, much better. I’ve even slept through the night the last several days.

I found this cute picture and an article on other methods of turning baby around at Fruitful Vines and Olive Shoots.

After my 3rd appointment the baby turned and has stayed in the anterior (correct) position since. Chiropractic for babies in less than ideal positions really works! My provider practices Webster Technique and specializes in Pregnancy. He can encourage baby back out of the birth canal if necessary to turn him and can also work wonders with breech babies. I wouldn’t presume to say that all chiropractic providers are prepared for the extra demands and skills required for women with basketball bellies but I know I have received many benefits from chiropractic during pregnancy. It is even said to significantly reduce laboring time because the pelvis is balanced and relaxed.

This fifth pregnancy has been admittedly harder in many ways than the others but now that I’m close I realize what the work has been for. I can’t wait to hold my tiny little boy and finally know what his face looks like, if he has hair or not. He could even be the first redhead in the family.

It brings a smile to my face to wonder at how the other kids will welcome him or not. Tee hee!

I’m ready, bring it on! I’m going to start walking, hiking, climbing stairs, whatever it takes. I can’t wait to bring my little guy into the world and once again experience the miracle of birth!

Thank you Captain Obvious for taking my picture!


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6 responses to “Posterior Presentation and Chiropractic

  1. Grammy Lynda

    I am so relieved! NOW he can make his appearance! Maybe today? Aunt Missy’s birthday?

    • Good plan. The kids and I are going to walk to the falls today. I’ve heard they are beautiful frozen! Missy, we are trying! 🙂 I even hoofed it up and down the kids’ stairs half a dozen times last night.

  2. You still look adorable! You should be writing articles for mommy magazines….. you have great advice.

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