Falls Park

We love our local parks. And with winter mud and hail, we had the place to ourselves! This is the dam at Post Falls on the Spokane River across the water from Q’emelin Park

So what about you? Are you a fair weather park goer? Or do you venture out into the elements? I met one of my dearest friends out at the park on a chilly, late fall day. I’m glad I didn’t stay home.


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7 responses to “Falls Park

  1. As long as it is in the 20’s or warmer I venture out.

    Beautiful falls. Reminds me of the High Falls here in Rochester NY.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever been to those falls. When the boys were younger, we went out in cold weather. They still need their exercise and it kept me sane. Still waiting on baby, huh?

    • Yep, still waiting. Today would be a terrible day for baby though because we’ve got about a foot of fresh snow on the driveway and still coming! Hard to get in or out. Plus I’ve got a terrible head cold and sore throat. It could be the baby though and not an actual cold. Grrr!

      Will you venture west anytime soon?

  3. Well fun in the gross weather was just up our alley tonight! It was snowing hard( well hard for western Washington) And Luke (your brother) decided it would be the perfect night for a run to the hot tub. We had a great time. We made snow angels in the then raced back to jump in the smokey tub.I had a great belly laugh watching my husband tackle my poor little boys in the snow. Then they had the great laugh doing cannon balls and trying to soak me. At some point we should probably grow up- but then again it is more fun to be a kid! Praying for a smooth delivery. I am bummed I am going to miss this one.

  4. My kids are grown now. When they were little I used to take them out in any weather condition apart from pouring rain.
    They have grown up to enjoy being outside – and are not ‘fair weather’ walkers.

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